"He's A Juggalo; He'll Understand": J10's Rejected Interview W/ FaygoLuvers

It's not news that J10, Blaze's past hype man, was accused of snitching on Psychopathic artists. Anyone with an open mind to reason (or... eyes) could see that wasn't the case at all.

Most juggalos still blame J10, citing that the police are corrupt (but won't go into details about why the police would falsify a report that doesn't implicate them on anything), while deep down knowing something doesn't smell right. J10 was recently interviewed by FaygoLuvers.net about the situation, went into more detail about the issue, and gave a little more information than was expected (while at the same time, delivering the message that this very site has been giving for years).

In the interview, J10 holds nothing back; mentioning that Joe Bruce's kids are being raised into the very people he himself hates, and saying that in Psychopathic, if you're not ICP, then you're not making money. What really stood out was what Violent J allegedly said to Blaze, so it could be passed down back to J10: "Tell him to fuck off. He's a Juggalo, he'll understand."

Aside from the rest of the interview and what we already know about Psychopathic, that one quote alone begs to question so many things. Is this really how little they think of their fans? Is that some kind of command? "You're a Juggalo, and I'm Violent J; so you do what the fuck I say." Or is that another way of saying, "You had your fun time with us, now time's up. You have to go back to hero worship, dreaming of fame and merch consumption. Make us some money!"

Of course a lot of newer juggalos aren't going to give J10 the benefit of the doubt, or they'll listen while doubting him. But as another old school Juggalo, I trust he's telling the truth because a lot of what he's saying makes sense. Especially if you actually open your eyes and see what ICP and Psychopathic are doing. They have all changed as people, and it's evident in what they do and the music they make now, which has changed radically. It could be because of money, because of fame, because Juggalettes are willing to throw themselves at them, or it could be a combination of all of the above. But they aren't the same people they were in their heyday, and juggalos aren't the same as they were back then, either. See, old school juggalos can relate to that message, and it's about damn time that someone who just came out of Psychopathic has spread the message further.

It goes to show you that the shift in the Juggalo world affects people's careers. A lot of Juggalos are saying, "Let's just let this die." Why? It's not dying for J10, who's probably still receiving death threats. ICP is still going to mislead their fans, perpetrating the negative Juggalo image that they make everyone think borders on World War III.

Instead, why not keep this in the back of our minds, if only to show that ICP and Psychopathic may not be the people we thought we knew?

Anyway, FaygoLuvers didn't post the interview, which fits their motif of backing away from any message about the state of Juggalos that rivals what Psychopathic says (for instance, what was said about this site).

What do you guys think of this drama with J-10?


  1. i think its 100% true. my eyes r open wide

  2. You know I always gave Joe and Joey the benefit of the doubt when it came their music and practices. I don't like their new shit, but thats me. They changed, but thats what people do. But after listening to that interview and hearing the way Joe acted, its obvious they've been corrupted by fame and money. Its funny how they spent years trash talking about celebrities and rich folk for having fame and money, but as soon as they have it they don't have shit to say.

    Its like the story of a freed slave who becomes a brutal tyrant. You'd think having been on the other side of it he'd know better, but having no power only made it easier to be corrupted by it. They even talk about that turn around in an old school Inner City Posse track, "Life at Risk" He talks about punkin some kids off of a basketball court and realizes when other thugs used to do that to him and his brother they wanted to kill them for it, now he realizes he's standing in the bad guys shoes. Well Joe, here you are in the bad guys shoes for real. You became everything you hated. If the carnival is real and came to your town, what would you see in the Ringmaster's house of mirrors? What would pop out of the riddle box for you? Could you see through Milenko's illusions? Would Jake catch all the sins of your life or would Jack win the day? Where do you think the Wraith would take you when that day comes?

    Maybe thats why Joe and Joey don't talk about the real carnival anymore. Because they lost touch with it. Maybe they know, deep down, if they reached out to the carnival now, the carnival wouldn't be all that happy to see them. So they think they can pave over it by making another six cards and try to retcon everything they said to try and save themselves but the juggalos aren't buying it, not the real juggalos anyway, and I'll bet the real carnival, if you believe in that sort of thing, isn't buying it either.

  3. https://www.etsy.com/listing/106729479/18-x-24-insane-clown-posse-painting

  4. ICP has definitely sold right out. the music is more pop than anything now a days and I think its pretty weak

  5. Kinda old site but I'll throw in my 2 cents to who ever finds this. ICP was awesome during their 6 jokers card era. Twiztid ruind the fan base. Ever since the freak show ep all the shows started getting lame and ppl would chant family and whoop whoop. It's just to much. When twiztid got on psy is when it got weird. You could tell psychopathic started to manipulate their fans. There's a track on mirror mirror where Jamie Madrox is talking as if he is the subconscious of a juggalo teen and it's just disturbing. Mystery and esham weren't goin for the whole thing in left. ICP was cool and had a unique fan base back in the day, it was mostly white teens from the inner city and then it turns into redneck wiggers. Also it was simple before twiztid. Go to concert with your face painted and it was like a kiss concert full of fans having fun. Now you go and it's a bunch of weirdos that act like everyone going to the show has to support each other and bums asking juggalos to buy them tickets because their family.


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