The Everlasting Overwhelming Response: What Do YOU Think Needs To Be Said?

Man, oh man. This blog has only two posts from this year, but you guys (especially the people who happen to stumble upon this site) have been more vocal than ever. The inbox has been filled to the virtual brim with hate and acclaim mail alike, proving there's a huge rift within the juggalo community that definitely needs to be acknowledged publicly.

I'm also noticing that a lot of the mail I get, from both sides, are getting more and more opinionated, showing not all Juggalos are mindless Psychopathic drones. And the hate mail has also gotten a lot more compelling, getting way past, "FUK U BTICHIEE!!!!!!". You can even notice a change in the comments. I can't take credit for that, despite the fact that I like to think I got some dialog going amongst Juggalo circles (including my own).

Then again, I occasionally get this:

But for those of you with thoughts, ideas and opinions, I ask you: what do you want to see mentioned on this blog? So many of you who wrote this past year answered this question already, and in the coming weeks, we'll be getting into those topics. But for everyone else: what do you want brought to light? This is a good opportunity to get your true thoughts out there to like-minded readers who care, whether they be personal or general. We know Psychopathic is aware of this blog; maybe they read it from time to time. Who knows?

Anyway, thank all of you for your emails, regardless of what they say. It's an uphill battle, and while at times it seems hopeless, we'll get through it together.

And if you found the above statement offensive, then you're part of the fuckin' problem.

For now, Happy Halloween! Get that candy!


  1. I'd like to see you touch on the fact that Psychopathic wrongly accused Blazes former hypeman, J-10, of snitching on them when Twiztid & Blaze were arrested in Florida. The police reports are public record, and they clearly state that the person who called the cops was the manager of a local Days Inn. J-10 has been receiving threats & hate from every corner of the world since the accusations started flying, and despite the overwhelming evidence in J-10's favor, Psychopathic has yet to admit they made a mistake, let alone the fact that they've been lying their asses off the whole time. Twiztid has even gone so far as to block people on twitter that even ask them about the situation. I'm one of those people. LoL.

  2. how about the sudden departure of twiztid from PSY.


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