Brand New Year, Same Ol' Shit

Before I start, I just want to say I hope 2011 is treating all of you well so far. The hangovers should be healed by now. It’s a new year, so that includes new topics.

I was randomly surfing the internet the other day when I came across the Village Voice article about this site. The short story behind it is: a journalist had wrote me a couple weeks before, asking my opinion about so many things relating to juggalos, and of course, the deal behind the name. A lot of what I sent her is outdated information, but the general idea is the same: a lot of the “new school” juggalos give all of us a bad name, and so on. She ran with it and wrote an article about this blog, jabbing at me as she went on. I can’t say that it wasn’t expected, but what I didn’t expect was a comment that I found later that literally disturbed me.

“[The author of ICP Fans Against Juggalos], honestly, is just stuck in the past, and it's sad. I can totally see this man jumping on stage and killing ICP in sort of the same way that the loser that killed Dimebag Darrell did.”

Where the fuck do you get that idea from!?

“Well, you assume things about juggalos on this site.” Wrong. I write about what I see. Not what I see on a computer screen, or read online: I’m talking about shit I’ve seen with my own two eyes and have heard, from the source, with my own two ears for the last 15 years. How could you “totally see” me doing that? Do you know me? Have I met you before? You only know me through the stuff I write on here. And you know what? There are others like me, and while they might not agree with the blog in its entirety, they agree with the overall message because, like me, they see this shit happening within the juggalo world and it sickens and insults them.

You don’t see me hopping on stage and shooting people.

There was something else this person posted:

“What this cocksucker sounds like, is that he's pissed off that the band he was obsessed with had the audacity to change. To try something new, instead of humping a dead horse to death, so to speak. Perhaps the Juggalo Family that they speak of, was what they had intended all along.”

If you’re reading this, whoever wrote the above comments: seek help. Fast. The term is “beating a dead horse”. Yeah, I’m the one to worry about, yet the word “humping” came to your mind while thinking about an animal.

As I stated before
, I can see the whole “juggalo family” deal now. I can feel it when I go to shows and I’m around real Juggalos. But half these people yelling about “family” now-a-days are just doing it either because it’s trendy (in this day and age it is, seeing as how ICP is exploding in the mainstream, especially in the suburbs) or because they want to feel and look rebellious. Or both.

ICP didn’t have the “audacity to change”, they had the “audacity” to sell out their older fans. The fans who have been there since before The Wraith (or even before Milenko). How are juggalos supposed to be “misunderstood” (as they always claim to be) when Shaggy goes out and pretty much says, “Anyone can be a juggalo!” (not quoted). ICP started doing less of the wicked shit, trying to make it more “for the public”, and Psychopathic starting selling three copies of every release (with no real difference in each copy) while calling them “collectible”. Not to mention that ICP have started a new set of Joker Cards! They’ve ceased to be underground; now, they’re aiming for that Hot Topic money, and they’re more than willing to take it from those impressionable, idiotic, rich teenagers that are throwing it at them.

Bottom line is, I write about what I see. So, when I see a majority of “newer” juggalos making asses of themselves and making all juggalos seem retarded, I’m going to write about it. Don’t like it? Fuck off.


  1. I aggree with you on so many things I was once a proud repper of the juggalo name and recently I have begun to see what being a juggalo gets me a free ride to prison or worse death I see icp for what they truly are now a group of money hungry sharks they disrespected the older fans like myself and instead embraced the evil that is money and these little sick twisted and perverted psychopaths that call themselves juggalos I have witnessed firsthand what these new age juggalos can do they nearly beat a good friend of myself and my fiancee to death just because he is gay the juggalos are a disease it sickens me to think that I used to call myself one and I am deeply ashamed of myself this isnt what they call family this is a joke and as far as icp goes they are nothing but sellouts just looking to get paid theycondone this type of shit they are just as pathetic as these juggalos and now even classified as a gang thi

  2. i agree with u too. i seen shit that made me sick and the family just turns their backs. so they dont have to see wats going on in the juggalo world. they dont want to know wats happening to the family. i seen shit that i would see it happen. man i see juggalos fighting other juggalos. the question is why tho. we are a juggalo nation we have each others backs

  3. To me the juggalos seem to be turning on each other becausr they dont have a fucking clue about who they are as individuals anymore they all got suckered into this big mess that is icp voilent j and and shaggy 2 dope dont give a flying fuck about what happens to these lost souls they are more interested in making money with their shitty merchsndise and their false sense of religion they objectify women and talk about GOD first of all religion is the biggest threat this world faces today it is the very evil that has plagued mankind for centuries since its inception and icp is doing the same thing the pedophiles in the catholic church have been doing for centuries using the message and twisting it to meet their own horrendous needs and creating this sickness that is a juggalo in laymans terms they have created their own little cult and they know it whrn one becomes a juggalo one loses what little identity they have left and become part of a collective a single consceinance who only purpose is to please their dark overlords icp tells them to jump they ask how high if they tell them to kill they do so with no hesatation these clowns are a plague on society and need to be stopped and while I may recieve hatemail for this comment I dont give a flying fuck the truth must be told even if I have to do it by myself I will tell the world the truth and will end this plague that is called icp

  4. Nothings wrong about being a juggalo or juggalette we don't care what people think of us. We are called family. And we are not a gang! Each and every juggalo and juggalette keep it wicked swinging there hatchet high and ready for haters. And we watch each other's back 100% and we don't turn our backs on them. WHOOP WHOOP! Much clown luv!

  5. Anonymous 1, get a fuckin life! ICP are just musicians, not fuckin cult leaders, or a disease that needs to be cured, they put out an opinion, and we JUGGALOS agreed with it! Anonymous 2, I agree with you, but I don't "swing my hatchet high and ready for haters" if I take the meaning wrong, I am sorry, but I only pull out my cleaver (what I rep with, can't afford a hatchet) when Im physicaly attacked.

  6. I agree with it all, I'm not an ICP fan or juggalo, but I have seen the same things, I don't need the net to tell me what their like. Actions do speak louder than words, if enough people see it, there is no denying it.

    I have friends that a juggalos and learned from the old school ones, their tired of all these new aged ones. We have enough cults in our society already, in my opinion, we should weed them out wherever possible.

    Think about what they are now, and imagine what they will be five, ten, twenty years from now if their still straggling around in dark corridors and alleyways.

    They need to be put in their place before one rises above the others and really tries to start a holocaust(this time being anyone that does not follow what they believe).

  7. I have been reading this for the past few minutes and started with newer to older articles. They had me wondering if you are a fan of ICP or if you hate them. I don't really call myself a lette, more just a huge ICP fan, I wear ICP and Twiztid stuff a lot and own several cds but I'm not going to base my spiritual life off what a band tells me to or go out and kill someone or attack someone in the name of "family" I'm not a terrorist or a homeless, uneducated slut like I've seen some act like. I'm not a deadbeat, drug addicted, lying thief. I'm educated and determined to be successful. I agree with the message they have in songs like Lets Go All the Way and can relate to Twiztid's stranger. I've been called more old school because I believe in rags to riches, not selling out for money (which I thought they were all about) and sticking by friends along with tolerance to all. I started listening to them 6 years ago because of the sound and stayed a fan because of the message. Now with their fans being called gang members and it seeming to be steal, lie and fuck everything with legs. I'm not sure if that's real or what I thought they stood for was real. You seem to be saying what I thought was real but it just isn't that way now.


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