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"He's A Juggalo; He'll Understand": J10's Rejected Interview W/ FaygoLuvers

It's not news that J10, Blaze's past hype man, was accused of snitching on Psychopathic artists. Anyone with an open mind to reason (or... eyes) could see that wasn't the case at all.

The Everlasting Overwhelming Response: What Do YOU Think Needs To Be Said?

Man, oh man. This blog has only two posts from this year, but you guys (especially the people who happen to stumble upon this site) have been more vocal than ever. The inbox has been filled to the virtual brim with hate and acclaim mail alike, proving there's a huge rift within the juggalo community that definitely needs to be acknowledged publicly.

The Juggalo Cult, Part 2

If you know juggalos today, you'll know that when you state the fact that "juggaloism" is a cult, any juggalo in the vicinity will, ignorantly or not, deny it completely. In my last article on the subject, I did just that. I stated that "juggalos", as we know them today, are a cult, and it's needless to tell you what kind of response I got. After reasserting my own juggalo status, I've been getting asked, "Do you still believe that there is a juggalo cult?"

Brand New Year, Same Ol' Shit

Before I start, I just want to say I hope 2011 is treating all of you well so far. The hangovers should be healed by now. It’s a new year, so that includes new topics.