Acclaim Mail: The "New Wave" of Juggalos

Since the New Year is fast approaching, I figure that it's time to switch it up, and post a letter that isn't hate mail.

The reason I don't post a lot of these types of letters is because they're either very short, or they're the same. However, I have received "acclaim mail" that is neither of these, and I will start posting them soon.

This letter was sent to us by Mike, a reader who frequents this blog (and who follows the Facebook page).

I agree with you. ICP fans take this shit too literally. but you got it backwards. im a juggalo. let me just put it this way-

it was the gathering of the juggalos, violent j and shaggy dropping some knowledge about the 6th jokers card. which ends up on the wraith sampler. He talks about the beginning, carnival of carnage. and the struggles of doing what they did. during his speech building up to the unveiling of the wraith, he says that theres a new wave of juggalos and we who have been down for years should accept them... as we were accepted. so i as many begin accepting the new younger crowd understanding whats pulling them to the hatchet. but something is wrong now. somethings just not right.

and then it becomes imminent. this new crowd of faces. next thing you know, theres motherfuckers out there repping the wicked clowns, going into a gay bar killing people. you know? or a juggalo decided to kill his long time girlfriend and fucked her. or stabbing a war vet. this new wave of juggalos seems to be, as violent j said while being interviewed by martin bashir, just tasting the icing on the cake. not digging in to what is really being said. i mean, a war vet man. come on. an old ass war vet. you know what im saying? and how about the recent incidents at the gathering? method man ? wu-tang clan? how high? all of which are dear in my heart. but someone threw a bottle at him? why? or tieing up and beating their grandma and stealing the grandmas car? the two 21 year olds that thought a 17 year old kid with an std slept with his girl and gave it to her so they went after him with some medieval ass battle axe? see where im going with this?

my thought is, why give them the privilege of being called a juggalo? thats our word. voilent j started off carnival of carnage with a song called the juggala. we the "original" fans took it to where it is today. these fans are listening to the wicked shit getting the wrong message. they're geting misled somewhere. i could never tie up and beat my grandma. let alone kill the love of my life for general purposes. and if a motherfucker is gay thats cool too. i have a saying. one more gay man, one more vertical smile to get into. i have friends who are gay. its what makes them happy? and how can i put him down when i dont want to be put down for being a juggalo, you know what im saying? just like why these icp fans are going to the gathering, buying buckets full of gas and setting fire to shit at the gathering? trying to steal from another... at the gathering. or attacking another juggalo. i dont get it...

juggalos used to be this small group of nobodies. now everyone and their momma is a juggalo/juggalette. being a juggalo used to mean something. fuck that. it still does. and always will. but what do you do when your whole world is turned upside down? its gotta take someone with some balls to start pointing this shit out. which is where i appluad you. but on that same note. it isnt fare to put "icp fans" to "juggalos" escpecially when ive been self proclaiming myself as others have as juggalos and juggalettes, and then all this starts, and you come out saying ICP fans against juggalos. So what does that mean to me and my fellow homies? are supposed to stop calling each other juggalos and juggalettes? turn our backs from the urge to run towards the stage that ICP are punting, spraying and covering the juggalos with cold wonderful faygo? two words. FUCK. THAT. plain and simple. im a juggalo. i love the faygo showers, i love the face paint, and unlike many newer faces in the crowd, i get the messages. ive known that the dark carnival was a metaphor for heaven and god since the jeckel brothers. remember? echo side? and damien licked the back of his neck and said "reverse talk" "fuck the devil fuck that shit! we believe in life legit! if you diggin what we say, why you throw your soul away." and was confirmed by bizaar/bizzar cds where on one of them, the second track i think violent j said play this backwards for secret info. that info? the carnival is holy.

But this new wave of juggalos, many apparently simply just not getting it, start funking up the scene...... it pisses me off. the gathering used to be a wonderous event for everyone just to be together. a big family reunion. now people go to the gathering, and dont know whats going to happen. anything can literally happen. fighting, arson, glass bottle being thrown at performing artists. hell ive even heard of family getting hit in the autograph line by passer by. glass bottles. serious fucking shit. it.... it.... breaks my heart. ive spent so much time as possible giving back to my community tryin to make this fucking shitty ass world just that much better. even though its not much, its still better. but that doesnt matter to those who read about juggalos stabbing a fucking war vet. or the sweet sugar slam super live toy drive. i sent some fresh shit in, as sugar slam said its for the fucking kids! and honestly, thats all i cared about. but as i said, with newer juggalos fucking shit up, what good is it all for? one thing is true. bang. pow. boom. in yo face!!!!!!!! "some scream juggalo only when its convenient, and no they dont mean it, and we're sick of being lenient!" thats what i say. these motherfuckers are all juggalo this and juggalo that, but end up ruining it in the end for all. and now its starting to get worse.

I always thought that being a juggalo was all about the heart. fuck what others say, and fuck what they think. let them talk shit, when thats all a hater does then odds are theres something about you they cant get over. and maybe, just maybe, its the simple fact that i dont care what they say all i am is me. and most importantly, it brings me closer to others that has been through the same shit as me. that i could call family. friends that regardless of what comes, do or die we stand tall and take it head on and full force. never stopping. and guess what i have? a family of close friends, that no matter what, we always have each other. nobody fucks with us, you know? just as we dont fuck with others. unless we're getting messed with and it the sorry p.o.s. doesnt leave it alone, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, then its different. and thats just how i was raised. Ruthless as one friend said.

I'm sorry this email got so long. i just wanted to give you a perspective from one juggalos eyes whose been down for a long time now. i know theres a right and wrong, and i would never use juggalo as an excuse. anyways, a whoop whoop to what appears to be another true juggalo. dont take that away from yourself. when the gay bar shit happened, i said they arent a true juggalo, just some stupid ass fan that got misled. a real juggalo wouldv'e learned the difference by the examples in ICPs songs. be proud of who you are, and continue to stand against whats wrong.

Roach aka tha psykotic 1

He's right. Why should we let them call themselves juggalos? It just isn't right.

But sadly, as long as these fakes continue to call themselves "juggalos", and refer to each other as "juggalos" (especially around real juggalos who either can't tell the difference, or don't care to), they'll keep stealing the name from us, whether they mean to perpetrate or not. It won't make real juggalos less proud, but it'll send the message, "Are you well-fed, financially stable, living life with people who love you, but are still angry at the world for trivial reasons that are easy to get over? Then you're a juggalo!"

For the last ten years, the faces of juggalos have changed. Greatly. Rags turned into Fubu and Phat Farm. The thrift store turned into Hot Topic. Scrubby (because of upbringing and lack of funds) turned into fashion, you see what I'm saying? You'll meet, what looks like, a down ass juggalo, screaming about family and shit, wearing a Milenko shirt that looks like it's brand new: no real wear on it. Which begs to question: are you only repping around here? Keeping this shit nice and folded until you're at a show? If you were down, wearing the shit out of the house should come natural, especially to juggalos like us. "Oh, yeah. It's my Milenko shirt. Don't like it? Don't care, keep it to yourself."

Even those juggalos who feel like they have to wear it, or wear it just to shock, have it twisted.

There are two groups of "juggalos" that don't get it: the ones they go out and do stupid shit, and the ones who always talk about how the actual songs that ICP performs are about "family" and "unity". "It's all positive, it's not all hate." See, that's it right there, it IS! It is all hate. It's to show you how fucked up it is out there, especially for the majority of the juggalos that can really relate.

If you can't honestly can't relate, then you don't belong. Whether you were misled or not.


  1. "Are you well-fed, financially stable, living life with people who love you, but are still angry at the world for trivial reasons that are easy to get over? Then you're a juggalo!"
    That is an exact definition of a juggalo. I have been listening to ICP since I was 4 and i live by that and now im 16. There are so many fakes in the world who give real juggalos a bad name. I mean i have been kicked out of certain clubs just because of the fakes giving it a bad name im growing up as a juggalo and will always be a juggalo

  2. Kudos to that dude.

    I find it sad that you can't even call yourself a Juggalo because of the "fakes."

    In my opinion, a real Juggalo doesn't care. A real Juggalo isn't going to hide because there are some retards out there who give us a bad name.

    Do I get dirty looks because me and my boyfriend call ourselves Juggalos? Do people give me a hard time because now that I'm a mom I should "grow up" and stop listening to the music? Fuck yeah. This is my life, and I don't care if someone associates me or my boyfriend with the dumbasses who think that everything ICP says should be worshiped and taken literally. I know who I am, and he knows who he is. If people don't like us because of that, its their loss.

    I have nothing to prove to anyone, and I really don't care what people think of me.

    To me, that's truly being down, and I'll wear the label with pride.

  3. Yo abbey, who's hiding?

  4. I personally agree with what all you have said, except I am a "newbie" (only a few years) to ICP and still picked up on the message! I understand the feelin to be looked down apon for wearing my old hoodie around and for paintin my face just cuz I can! I don't go out seekin trouble, and I work to earn what I have. My reason for bein a juggalo is cuz I feel I belong for the first time ever! Ill die for the Hatchet, and even if ya don't like me, Ill die for you too if it comes down to it


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