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Acclaim Mail: The "New Wave" of Juggalos

Since the New Year is fast approaching, I figure that it's time to switch it up, and post a letter that isn't hate mail.

The reason I don't post a lot of these types of letters is because they're either very short, or they're the same. However, I have received "acclaim mail" that is neither of these, and I will start posting them soon.

This letter was sent to us by Mike, a reader who frequents this blog (and who follows the Facebook page).

I agree with you. ICP fans take this shit too literally. but you got it backwards. im a juggalo. let me just put it this way-

it was the gathering of the juggalos, violent j and shaggy dropping some knowledge about the 6th jokers card. which ends up on the wraith sampler. He talks about the beginning, carnival of carnage. and the struggles of doing what they did. during his speech building up to the unveiling of the wraith, he says that theres a new wave of juggalos and we who have been down for years should accept them…