Misogyny In The Juggalo Community

This is a piece of mail I got a couple months back. I've been meaning to post it, but I never got around to it.

I just wanted to say you blog is fucking amazing.I am just like you,I've been listening to ICP since Riddle Box and over the years I have slowly started to hate Juggalos.You can't even walk through a mall while wearing a Psy shirt without getting a "Whoop,Whoop" or a "What up ninja" and it's really sad that we're the only fans who do this.I have never once seen somebody wearing a Slipknot shirt run up to somebody else wearing one saying "Whats up maggot."My wife and I have stopped going to concerts now because juggalos think that every lette is a slut and that they can feel all up on her like she's a piece a meat.If juggalos are all about family and shit then how is this being tolerated.If I had a sister I know damn well I wouldn't go grabbing all over her.What ICP should do is have all us old juggalos speak at one of there seminars at the Gathering and straighten this new so called juggalos out.

This guy mentioned something I've been meaning to say. There is a lot of molestation going on at ICP concerts. Now, before I start getting emails proclaiming, "JUGGALOS AIN'T NO CHILD FUCKERS!", let's look up what the word molest means:
The popular use of the word is to describe abuse to little kids, but in the broader sense, anyone could be molested (on a side note, I didn't even know molestful was a word).

If you ever go to an ICP show, every other minute, you'll see someone (most likely a female) get groped. Sadly, this is why juggalettes automatically have a reputation for being sluts. While some are more than willing to set their attacker straight, the others love the "attention".

This is another thing I have seen first hand, even though regretfully at the time, I thought nothing of it. I was at a show with a few friends of mine. We were painted up, we were hyped, it was gonna be a cool night. Two of them kept purposely bumping into these two girls and feeling them up. Both of these girls loved the advances. One of my friends took it so far as to pour water all over one of the girls' cleavage. Her boyfriend happened to be watching, so we all had to back our boy up (how were any of us supposed to know she was involved?). My other friend took the other girl home. A few days later, he found out she was infected, and that he had contracted an STD.

Next time we hung out, first song that played was "Toxic Love".

I know, we're dicks. But anyway, it helped open my eyes to the way women get treated not just at ICP concerts, but in the juggalo community as a whole. While I do hate Juggalo Julie, I can see and respect why she doesn't want to be labeled as a "juggalette" (being someone who doesn't label themselves as a "juggalo").

We all gotta start treating juggalettes with dignity regarding sexual advances, wanted or not. Fuck that, we need to start treating females with more respect. Misogyny is greatly outdated. Rednecks are misogynistic, and we don't want to follow by their example, do we?


  1. Just found this site, iv been reading here and a few other posts on other sites and will be emailing you on a more personal level about how much i agree but had to comment on this.

    I frequent the OHIO area, mostly between the Columbus and Cincinnati. I run a lot of shows, iv hosted a few psy shows back in the day. I see this often, coming from the new kind fans that love to call them selves juggalos. My security is on full detail every time. Its also not bad enough i run juggalettes gone wicked so sometimes naked models are on site, it gets really difficult to protect them. They as all females should understand they are entering a male dominated group with no higher female influence on any of the entertainment produced. We as a company have tried to change that but budget cuts with bad talent will never make a good standing juggalette rapper. This does not mean they should lie down and take the abuse, they should give it right back, i mean back when i was a fan (when the music was good) not an entertainer the girls kept up with us and we had fun no complaints and hardly any violence between sexes. Now days its mainly these 18-30 yr old fakes that also think its ok to fuck girls under 18. They take influences from other clicks, fads, groups and tv shows and impress them on there newest one, us. Namely the whole ghetto shit which i really hate. Iv met several of these wannabes and have denied employment, even fired and imprisoned guys who participate in this child molestation.

    Another point. Stop the whole female juggalo thing, Sounds like a transgendered term. I know you heard a lot of songs dealing with "fuck a bitch" or women being used as props and sex objects in songs. You need to remember they are talking about hoes, dead necks, chicken heads, hoodrats, sour-patch bitches and girls whod fuck you with no name, NOT rape. Most of all these women are never referred to lettes! In fact the the few times lettes are mentioned they are equal. Very common misconception with these new kids, to bad they are not smarter.

    Sector 7

  2. Hey man this post is not for this blog but for all of them. I get whut you are saying. i hate alot of juggalos today. well not hate. the real ones are still my fam but people ruin our name. it pisses me off kinda but im a juggalo so i dont give a fuck really i guess haha. Just thouhgt you should no i hear you man.


  3. '... My other friend took the other girl home. A few days later, he found out she was infected, and that he had contracted an STD....'

    Oh really ?
    How surprising that a girl who would have UNPROTECTED sex with your friend (a complete stranger) after meeting him a mere few hours before at a show, would give him an STD.
    I mean there's more chance of winning the lottery surely ?!

  4. I disagree sry not all lo's or lette's are that way so sry I disagree

  5. Hello author and readers. I was recently made aware of this site through a series of events. One of my friends asked me to report this page called "American League for Juggalo Suicide". I looked at it to find out what was so offensive and I quickly saw why. While I was there, I saw a link here.

    It did not take me long to pull up a chair, get some breakfast, turn on some music and start reading. I find the approach to the subject very interesting. I agree with some of what was said.

    The reason I take an interest (and agree some) is because I was once part of the Law Enforcement community. I did not learn of I.C.P until a few murders and rapes happened. These occurred at the Gathering and I was asked to consult as a result. The Police in the area were having issues investigating the issues at first. I gladly gave new insight and it quickly became a life project for me to investigate I.C.P in general for personal and professional reasons.

    In my first two years I learned that the group had some good people thanks to some lo's I met. It was the "bad apples" that made the group look bad.

    This is what I meant my personal reasons. Those Lo's I met became life long friends of mine and I still protect them to this day. When I see a "bad apple" giving those good friends of mine a bad name I take action like I would for any of my friends. I only do what I am allowed to do though. I don't want to be the "bad apple" in my Law Enforcement group. They know this and respect that.

    Long story short (before I ramble on) is that, at first I had a Law Enforcement view on I.C.P. After a few years it had some I.C.P influence. I tend to disagree or agree more then the normal true I.C.P fans. I also tend to talk about what is going on more then normal. I have no problem putting someone on "blast" if I feel they arn't doing what I.C.P originally intended in the beginning (early 90's). I do even more so if I see some rules have been broken. I have been called all sorts of nick names for my work... Anywhere from "crusader" to "zealot". Crusader became my code name on the radio. It was something I was quite proud of :)

    At any given rate keep up the writing and take care all!


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