Happy Halloween

First off, I want to wish all of you a Happy Halloween.

Tonight is Hallowicked in Detroit; the last Hallowicked show of the year. I was at one of the Hallowicked's earlier this week. Now, if you're sitting there asking, "Why the hell were you at an ICP show? I thought you hated juggalos," then get out.

Recently, I have to admit that I've been a bit conflicted. About this blog, about juggalos, and about myself in relation to the first two. I've had discussions with some juggalos (on here and online) about this blog (haters were outright ignored, as usual). Some could see the point, but still thought it was a bad approach to dealing with the "problem". They'd say it just brought more negativity. While I feel that negativity is the best approach to dealing with something that's pretty negative on the surface (if you say it's not, then you're lying to yourself; embrace it and move on), some of the talking points started to make me think a little. Before long, Hallowicked was here.

Let me just start off by saying: Hallowicked was epic. And in between every set, Mike E. Clark was in the back, spinning tracks from Murder Mix Volume 1 and Volume 2 (November 9th, pick it up). ICP went up, and the place went crazy. Faygo was thrown, people were pushed and limbs were nearly broken. Almost everyone in the place was hyped, including me. Before I knew it, I found myself bouncing around like a crazy person, yelling along to the music, catching bottles, spraying them everywhere, and after the show, I was starting chants that echoed the halls.

Right in the middle, I thought to myself, "I'm a juggalo. I might as well accept it."

Me and my friend were driving home, hyped. Along the way, he laughed and said, "Don't you feel like a hypocrite now?" It got me thinking even more: am I a hypocrite for getting wild at an ICP concert? Am I really a juggalo and have just been avoiding it?

When I got home, both answers hit me. The answer was:


I've always been a juggalo. Turns out the name of this blog was starting to even make me think I wasn't a juggalo. I am a juggalo, and have always been. Hell, it's the reason why I started this blog. As a message that if being an ignorant, uncivilized guilt-monger prick is what "juggalos" today are, then I want no part of it.

I'm also not a hypocrite because I'm all for painting your face up and running wild for the weekend. It's in the first post of this blog! It's when that's all you do with your life (unless you're ICP) that makes you a loser.

I started thinking back to earlier in the night, and seeing these teenagers hyping themselves up, wearing "goth" pants, claiming family and this and that while others were sitting along the wall, waiting and talking to their friends. When the action started, I saw a few of those kids fighting to get to the side (where it's safe) or dipping out all together in a frightened rush. And all those guys quietly waiting were leaving the concert soaking wet and with smeared up face paint. It was one act that let you see who the real juggalos were, and who was just fakin' the funk. Thankfully, the majority were real (it didn't stop those aforementioned fakes from walking out bone-dry still hyped up).

The night wasn't about people's stupid problems, or their "oh, so horrible" upbringings. It wasn't about people's guilt-ridden stories of depression. It wasn't some reaffirmation that we're outcasts and that we're all alone. It was about getting together, going wild and having a good time before we had to go back to work in the morning.

Yeah, those guilt-monger "juggalos" were there, and they were outright ignored. If I would have shouted, "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GROW A PAIR!" to one, I probably would have gotten cheers.

It made me feel like I was at an old school show. And reminded me why I even care about this in the first place.

As for this blog, nothing has changed. This is still against those who label themselves a "juggalo", but who don't know heads or tails of the whole deal, but still insist that it's purely about "family". Those people thinking all outcasts are juggalos, just because they're outcasts. Those people who flock from board to board, getting butthurt over comments about ICP and misrepresenting their "family". Those people who rationalize their stupid actions and juggalo standing with the fact that they were picked growing up. "My parents hit me when I was a kid, and that's why I'm a juggalo!" And so on and so forth.

Not to mention that the merch booth had a ton of overpriced shit, including more than fifty shirts on sale for $25; $10 more than you can find elsewhere (even Hot Topic). If you don't believe ICP is in this to make money, then again, you're lying to yourself.

And if you're a juggalo, and you find this blog offensive, then I'm probably talking about you. Either that, or you can't understand what I'm saying.

Now, get that candy!


  1. i love this blog it fits so well in to what a lot of us old fans have been complaining about for a while now

  2. why you gotta hate on family yo?imma tru juggalo serial killa and ive been down since the tempest.so shut the fuck up, and speak to a trill juggalo.you know nothing about family.icp=our masters & every1 else is family.they need to overcharge for their merch cuz they need to sustain our way of living.so quit being a retard and saying icp dont love us.they do.violent j loves me.the carnival is god and may all juggalos find him!!!whoop whoop!!

    1. This is the kind of ignorant shit he's talking about... "Juggalo serial killa"? Get over yourself... I'm not a fan of ICP, but I grew up in a town full of self-destructive assholes that called themselves "Juggalos". They called themselves outcasts and constantly picked on kids younger than them and terrorized the town. Please, do us all a favor and go make something of your life...

  3. i was at Columbus hallowicked, they brought in the old shit your stage and goddamn i was happy to see pre 2000s shit. Was hoping to host them somewhere here on ohio for the old shit tour. Still working on it. What i like most is that on Violent Js latest interview says what all us older real juggalos want to hear. Weather its for money or to put the younger fucks like jangle here in their place. The message is still there and i hope will be sent through their next jokers card. Iv waited so long for some good shit it this better be it.

    As for your journey that night. Fitting in with the crowd does not make you a juggalo, as most did. Yes im talking to you that dress like ICP and are not creative enough to come up with your own ideas! I felt the love but at the same time i seen way to many fakes for it to be like the old days. People still give looks like im to weird to belong or im not a down enough for not having a jersey.

  4. Mr jangle, there are many things wrong with your statement. Many things you have said that puts you directly in the middle of the fakes, just in that short post. Sadly this is the way most of them think. Let me set some shit straight.

    If your asked "how long you been down" and your answer is anything but "birth" your a fake.

    ICP= our masters? Since when? Violent J in many interviews describes himself as a juggalo just like us in the crowed, he is no more a juggalo than me or this blog owner.

    OVERPRICED = paycheck! This is money that sustains their way of life not ours. Your mommy may pay your bills but i gotta pay mine. weather is selling hatchet gear like i do or hosting another one of my shows around here. They do love you for your money. If they were not in it for the cash all the merch, shows and events would be free. J loves you for buying his tshirt, shit ill tell you i love you if you buy one of mine.

    Carnival is god. A statement that iv hated since i figured this out. As im an atheist. Rather scientist intelligent enough to know there is no higher power looking out for us. The true meaning as J describes it as its not a Christina or even multi theistic deity god, its what you submit to. Obviously many retarded and unintelligent people take this the traditional single theistic christian god, That inner city gang bullshit that god will forgive all the stupid shit you do so its ok to do it. Dont fly that way you rape a child or kill your wife and rot in jail then want out just because you found god. Fuck you. Yes the miracle song was retarded but only got you fuckers listing harder.

    Its all stupidity to me and iv always linked being a juggalo is the begging for a purge of all unintelligence.

    Sector 7

  5. Shut the fuck up Jingle Jangle you are a new school juggalo since the tempest wow you weren't even born probably when milenko came out what im trying to say is back before this family bullshit there was a True ICP fans base now its just disrespectful little punks the new generation of Juggalos killed for me I'm still a Juggalo but but dam learn how to act I also think that the whole family thing is bullshit brainwash type deal

  6. im all down for the family and what not, but jingle u obviously havent listend to all there cds, they st8 up say in one of there songs were not sorry we tricked u, and that subliminally the hints are all there, they belive in god. They do not worship a dark carnival. its all symbolic. I don't believe any clowns really exist. they are all there to prove a point or a meaning. all these "new age" juggalos need to look deeper. Its not really about cutting people apart with hatchets. Its about Being u, and accepting other people and being the best person u can. Respect others around u. Dont hate, be rasict, beat ur wife or kids ec.. The clown and carnival theam comes from the gettos, and how people look in at the poor, weirdos, and odd people as freaks. Thats why they paint there face's up.



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