I was recently browsing around the Internet, and I came across a forum that had mentioned the article The Human Behind ICP Fans Against Juggalos Speaks. Of course, it was one of those automatic RSS-type "reposts" that allows people to comment on their own site. But what I found on the post was a short paragraph describing the real root of this entire cause.

It's not so much that [the people behind ICP Fans Against Juggalos] think it's about murder......more that it was originally an outlet for anger.....just like all hardcore music. It was a way for us to express ourselves and scare the h3ll out of people who had tried to keep us down for so many years. It was the bullied kids fighting back and sticking up for one another....and being totally wicked and evil about it. Sick of the abuse...sick of the names...sick of the bull$h!t.....smash in their brains.....and together.....they were family. Not a gang.....not bullies....not thieves...not the bad guys....the rightious mutha fuckas takin back the streets in a twisted sick way.

It was in response a comment reading, "i don't understand how so many people think this is bout murder........its all bout my love for my family an thats the truth."

I couldn't have written a better response myself. Of course, there's more to it than that, but it's the root of all of this. People seem to have forgotten that when it began, it was more about uprising than it was about "being misunderstood". Yeah, we were misunderstood, but we didn't have to tell that to others, because they could plainly see it. It was all in the background.

Way back when, it was, "I'm broke, I'm hungry, I'm sick, I got people who won't leave me the fuck alone, and I don't know what's gonna kill me first: the air I'm breathing, or the gang bangers that keep robbing me. I'm going out of my mind and I'm sick of this shit! They got shows like The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous showing these wealthy fucks taking advantage of the extra shit they have. You see news stories about politicians getting indicted for embezzlement or extortion. Money they don't even fucking need! Where's the help for the poor? You give us food stamps and Link cards that aren't worth shit, and you expect us to be happy and thankful, saying, 'You should be lucky you're even getting that!' What about reinvesting in the community you started by casting out those you claimed to be 'undesirable'? What about reinvesting in the community that you helped deteriorate by closing your businesses inside of it, destroying jobs in the process? You ever go to think there wouldn't be a gang problem if you gave a little assistance to the 'little guy'? You pass our land and shield your daughter's eyes. Shielding us like we're carnival freaks. Wait until we get to your land. Wait until we make you feel the pollution you allow us to breath. The poverty you force us to live with. The slow death you make us feel every second of every day while you laugh in our faces. Just wait. Your houses will be burned. Your valuables will be pawned. And your throats will be cut! We're coming back, and we're taking what's ours!"

Now, It seems to be all about, "I was picked on as a kid and my parents hit me, so now I'm a juggalo."

Juggalos need to remember what it was all about. Yeah, there was family. But it was incidental; not intentional. It was the outcome; not the reason.


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