Video: The South, The Rich and The Insane Clown Posse

We recently uploaded a new video onto YouTube. Instead of writing a huge article this time, I thought it would be a better fit to make a video.

Or watch it here:

I will let the video speak for itself. It's a must-watch for anyone claiming to be a juggalo.


  1. Whats up, man. My name is John, my wife and I have been reading your blog here for the past couple of months. I have to say, your argument is compelling, intriguing, and convincing expecially in these fucked up Juggalo times. (We attended the Gathering but refrained from throwing our feces at Tila.)
    There has been a few simple things that I don't agree with in your arguement. Normally I'm quiet but I feel as if you took a personal shot at me without being properly educated. When you travel to the South, you enter redneck land. Does that make all Southerners rednecks? No. When I listen to ICP and they speak of killing rednecks I'm right there with them, because they are everywhere here and I hate them. Probably your exact feelings toward the Juggalos if you were to attend a Gathering.
    You might want to be careful because taking shots like that over trivial 10 year old facts makes you sound just as bad as the Juggalos you claim no affiliation with...and a tad more selfish.

  2. I can tell your just as upset with the change in the Family as the rest of us but the more I read the more I believe your causeing just as much damage as these "Juggalos" your speaking out aganst.

  3. if yew watch jef foxworthy nd say wow that guy gets me, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu mite b a redneck HAHAHA!all ppl from the south r rednecks krazi.yew talk in that werd way nd look like hillbillies.WHOOP WHOOP!

  4. See, the above comment kinda prooves both our points. Ignorant people are everywhere, as are intelligent people. Violent J and Shaggy don't speak out aganst the South. They speak out aganst ignorant, racist, dixie flag waving people...i.e. rednecks.
    The only song where they say anything derogatory about "the south" is in the song "Redneck Hoe." (Which I think is hilarious by the way.) Where he says he'll slap the bitch for talkin like she's from the south. But if we're gonna over-analyse like that, then the whole line is hypocritical toward what they "believe" cause he talks about beating a woman. Plus the name of the song directly states they are speaking about rednecks, not southern people. So really....

  5. Very good over-analysis.

    To be perfectly honest, I'm not so much against the South or rednecks. So there's no bias here from any side. I just find it strange that in a scene centering on a band that has made a career out of spreading messages of murdering the rich and rednecks, you'll find those two types of people among the ranks. In great numbers.

    Especially knowing this music, especially the older music, is aimed towards angry urban trash (much like myself), and not trailer trash. But low and behold, you go onto YouTube, and you'll see the saddest excuse for a redneck shirtless and talking about how he's a juggalo. Or you'll see a message from a "juggalo" talking about dodging police by hiding under his trailer.

    It's not to say that all people from the south are rednecks. It's more a message of "juggalos" living in an area where meth (the south) is more accessible than marijuana or heroin (urban areas).


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