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Earlier in March, NBC aired an episode of Law & Order inspired by the case of Richard Samuel "Syko Sam" McCroskey. In it, generic horrorcore fans were called “juggalos”, with juggalos being cited as "losers who sit in front of their computers". KidCrusher and Vern Schillinger made guest appearances.

It is needless to say that the juggalo response was incredibly negative, with juggalos arguing that they're all about family, that ICP has a kind message, and blah blah blah. It's an event that's aftermath portrayed juggalo hypocrisy perfectly.

Go up to any self-proclaimed “juggalo” and ask what being a juggalo means to them. Most times, they’ll say that it means being someone who loves their family and doesn’t give a fuck. They don’t give a fuck, yet they are quick to verbally backlash at haters that bash ICP. This Law & Order episode, while based on true events, was still fiction. And whether or not it painted a negative picture, juggalos should be happy that their group is getting more attention; any publicity is good publicity (ICP was probably throwing three different parties at the same time after the airing of this episode to celebrate the forecasted rise in sales). And if they felt that it did, in fact, paint a negative picture, then they should practice what they preach and not give a fuck. Bitching about shit on the internet is not “not giving a fuck”.

If you don’t know anything about Syko Sam, he is was an aspiring horrorcore rapper currently in jail for murdering his underage girlfriend (he was around 21 while she was 16), her parents and her friend. They met like all couples of that age (on the internet), and after he flew in to spend a weekend at her house, well, you can guess the ending. I think it’s fair to say that despite the fact that he has the psyche profile of the typical teenage outcast (meek, doesn’t fight back, ticking time bomb waiting to explode, and et cetera), he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.

It’s funny that these fans were referred to as juggalos when Syko Sam was affiliated with SKR (Serial Killin Records), who represents acts like SickTanick and Razakel (who both couldn’t have been more vocal to the press about this whole ordeal), and not Psychopathic or even Hatchet House (in fact, any act outside of Psychopathic who uses the term “juggalo” to describe their fans are badmouthed by Psychopathic, see “Marz”. For good reason, too; it’s their property, after all).

Back to the topic at hand. I searched for comments about this episode of Law & Order and while reading some of them, I couldn’t help but laugh (especially comments that state “FREE SAM!”). A member of New York Magazine’s website named “Sypher” stated:

This is exactly the type of mainstream media bullshit that gives the juggalos a bad name. Yeah Syco sam killed sum people and there have been a small hand full of wanna be juggalos and horrorcore fans who have killed people and blamed it on the music. But thats nothing compare to the countless people who have killed and blamed it on gangster rap and heavy metal. Our lyrics might be the most violent but its all about the love. Juggalos still have the lowest bodycount of any music, but the media wont take that into consideration, will they!?! MWCL

What’s with all of these “it’s all about love” comments? More juggalo hypocrisy. They talk about love, and they do the complete opposite to themselves, eachother and the public. I’m not just talking about Syko Sam. In fact, I doubt Syko Sam was that much of a juggalo to begin with. I’d say he’s about as much of a juggalo as he was a “Satanist”: he flaunts around with the grand gestures and symbols, without really knowing what it even means.

A member of Juggalo News’ website “the nateball” said:

they are trying to demonize us because we are a somewhat organized group of lower class citizens. that could be dangerous to the well organized elite of this country. especially when we gather in masses of 10,000 and have good harmless fun.

I think you can tell that this was posted before this year’s GOTJ. To think that juggalos are an “organized” group is to say that the Latin Kings are a terrorist organization. You’re close, but you’re still miles away. They were only talking about “juggalos” for maybe fifteen minutes. Any conspiracies made after this basis are crack-pot.

And to be honest, you're doing a good job of personally demonizing yourselves.

There was one comment that made my day. Sadly, I lost the link, but I remembered what it said. The guy claimed that ICP was a “Christian group” with a fully positive and uplifting message, and that they didn’t want to seem lame, so that’s the only reason why they talk about murder, assault, necrophilia and et cetera. Obviously, this person hasn’t heard of a collection of CD’s called the “Joker’s Cards”. A majority of the CD’s in this collection have no allusions to God whatsoever! For argument’s sake, I could see ICP (the characters of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Not to be confused with their performers: Joseph Bruce and Joey Utsler) representing the pure form of necessary evil sent to this planet to keep balance and punish those who live life as if untouchable. But as Bible-toting Christians looking to spread a message of peace and love? Don’t insult my intelligence, and don’t insult yours.

This episode of Law & Order painted a picture of mentally unstable, violent, and sociopathic people (just like the rest of its episodes). If you were offended by this episode, then it must partially describe you. Otherwise, maybe you should sit back and not be so thin-skinned. After all, its entertainment and if you don’t find it entertaining, then change the fucking channel.



  2. In the criminal justice system, there are two kinds of people, those who commit crimes, and those who spend time pickin on a tv show......

    this is their story.......

  3. it's not so bad that someone talks about horrorcore.. it's just another under category of music that nobody knows... juggalos was not probably the right expression ... but it makes horrorcore more famous. and it deserves it. there are not so many people in France who know bands like ICP, Kung Fu Vampire, Esham, etc. for example. it would have been better with ICP video. PS : i prefer homicide life in the street :))

  4. u know what u need to chill im a juggalo theres nothing wrong with being a juggalo if ur an icp fan and ur not a juggalo ur a fucking wanna be

  5. Juggalos are definitely unstable violent angry people. Hence why they earned the gang label.

  6. People who judge us should just get better hobbies.

    Whatever, it was an interesting read.

  7. Im a juggalo but im not like that. I dont paint my face all day and blast icp like another mindless sheep. I listen to all music and hold a normal 9 to 5 job just like everyone else. Why is it just because i enjoy a different type of sound than you, im a gang member? Or automatically pron to violence? Fighting on the internet is like competing in the special Olympics, in the in your still retarded.

  8. Whoop Whoop los/letts any who I haven't personally seen this episode but I have sat down and viewed seasons worth of other episodes from Law & Order SVU.Now Juggalos just like any other group(Christians,liberals,Yankees fans,etc) are very diverse but get represented by the smallest yet loudest and most unintelligent sub-demographic.Alright if you really think were all so shallow as to dub our selfs "Down wit da klown strait up juggalo"just because we drink Faygo,paint our faces,and act tough in public then you are mistaken however yes I fully acknowledge the sad reality that you may have come across some asshole somewhere that treated you like jackshit because you listen to Katy Perry instead of Twiztid & ICP.Furthermore we are not hypocrites(face palm)..have you ever thought that maybe our love and "Family" only extends to other juggalos and we are ready to do harm to people that mess with us just because we adhere to the underdog music scene not to mention that some of us paint our faces from time to time(maybe five times a year including Halloween). I have personally met shitty posers who claim to be juggalos and Ive met some really awesome juggalos.PS we don't just listen to Horrorcore almost all juggalos have other musical proclivities ranging anywhere from Ludacris to Judas Priest.

  9. fuck yall niggas free sam hail father satan yea im violent and a legally a sociopath and horrorcore pills and weed gives me a fucking outlet to not bash you pussies heads in with a fucking ball peen hammer yall dont like juggalos keep that shit to yourselfs and stop wasting your talking bout how you dont like us we are here and here to stay and if yall keep talking shit we gone give you a reason to for yall to hate us

    1. Come at me bro. I'll bash your head in ya tosser

  10. The show caught my attn because my late husband was a huuuge ICP fan. In general, it made me smile to think of him. Everyone gets butt hurt over every lil thing. It's just a show, a drama of all things..any one can enjoy or not like it. I even found some of the music very enjoyable. The singer's have awesome voices. To each their own about what u like... lots of ppl kill... not just the ppl that like this kind of music


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