JCW's "Serious" Message About WCW-Like Fan Conduct

Here's another video I found. Again, it's late. I don't give a fuck.

This should be a no brainer: Don't fucking throw shit at professional wrestlers!

Right off the bat, they are a lot bigger than you. And if they catch a battery to the head and see that you threw it, they will more often than not wait for your punk ass outside after the show. On a side note, who the fuck throws a battery!? Who's bringing batteries to wrestling events!?

Fucking juggalos, I swear.

Remember WCW? Every night on Nitro, if a heel (bad guy) came out on top at the end of the night, the ring was covered in debris, beer and popcorn. While it's not the best way to handle a show, at least it was something that the WWF wasn't doing. And since it was the end of the night, who cared? Leave it up to the cleaning boys to clean it up, it's their job anyway! But why do that shit during a match? To prove how much of an ignorant fuck you are? "I know they're just entertainers and that pro wrestling, especially ultra-violent wrestling, brings inherent risk. But fuck it!"

Now, I know ignorant juggalos like that wouldn't be thinking exactly that, because they wouldn't know what "inherent" means.

If you go to a JCW show, or any pro wrestling show, don't be a cunt. They shouldn't have to tell you, it should be common fucking sense. Right next to jumping in the ring. They're obviously wanting to be taken more seriously as an independent promotion, and the last thing they need is the stigma of their audience being a bunch of battery-throwers.

And is it just me, or does Corporal Robinson look like a strung-out junkie? I respect him as a working professional wrestler, but damn. It looks like he's not been using the recommended dosage of his medication if you know what I mean.


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