Hate Mail: "TRAITER!"

I think it's needless to say that I get hate mail. But today, I got a piece of hate mail like no other. Because since I've started this blog, I have not once been called a “traitor”. For his sake, I will keep the email address of this person anonymous. However, I will say his email address has the words “juggalo”, “punk” and the number 420 in there.

sup bitch.one a my dawgs show me your blog n yo a punkbitch TRAITER!u got juggalo family n yo gonna shitt in there faces wit yo uglyass lookin website!y u do dat?fuck we ever did to u bedide show yo bitchass love?all my bois los cus we all fam so u ain got no friends!callin us ignorant motherufcker u ignorant!u dont no us so how u gonna judge?u probly some bitchlil nerd who got stompd da fuck out HAHAHAHA!get da fuck on with yo bitchass back to yo jh budies b4 some danger fuck los come find u and put they boots up yo ass!u don no us nigga,well put a ax to yoneck!WOOP WOOP!

First and foremost, I want to make this clear one more time:

This site is NOT associated with the Juggalo Holocaust!

Now that that's out of the way, onto the letter.

How am I a traitor? I don't hate juggalos. I hate what's being done to the juggalo name by idiots (much like this person). Empty threats, the lack of vocabulary, ignorance all around: this has pretty much became a juggalo staple. I have friends that are juggalos and not only do they not consider me a "traitor", but they know of this site and they love what it stands for. In fact, I'm willing to bet half of your friends love this site and also believe what it stands for. They'd never tell you that because they're your friends, and they got your back.

Speaking of friends: the “juggalo” term isn't what binds you and your friends. It wasn't “pre-destined” that you were to be friends because you were juggalos. I know you're thinking, “If someone was gonna mess with my friends, I'd fuck them up cuz they my family!” Wrong. You'd fuck up whoever because they're your friends! That's what friends do! It doesn't make you “juggalo family”, it just means you're good friends.

I know most of you juggalos today grew up having little to no friends, so if you're close with a group, you're willing to conform to any social structure that you're plunged into (for now, at least). While enjoying the music of Psychopathic Records could be a trait that all of your friends share, it's not the reason why you are friends. I'm not friends with my juggalo friends because they're juggalos. I'm friends with one because we grew up together, and the others are cool to hang out with.

If you really believe you're friends with who your friends are because they're juggalos, and that you really are a juggalo family, and that it's you against the world, then you need to get your head checked out. Because that's cult mentality, and it's a very dangerous thing. And not to the public, but to your own personal well-being.

I'm not a traitor. In fact, I try my best to educate juggalos through this site. To wake them up and shake them around so they can get a look at reality. If you don't agree, that's fine. Because where there's one person that doesn't agree, there's four that do.

And my site ain't ugly. That's just crazy talk.


  1. Do Juggalos have something against proper spelling and grammer?

  2. Man this is a great site. I have to give you big props. First off the hater that wrote you that letter is a piece of garbage, he probably dropped out in the sixth grade and still lives in his grandmas trailer.

    Anyway I read about your site in the news article on the Village Voice website(http://www.villagevoice.com/2010-09-08/music/juggalo-gathering-insane-clown-posse/) and I figured I had to check the site out. I have been a fan since Milenko first came out. I was in like 7th grade and Im a huge wrestling fan and it was when ICP were in the WWE is how I first heard about them.

    I had like 20 shirts and would wear them to school all the time. I had different groups of friends,but mostly my best friends since elementary school were down with the clown. Kids would laugh about us and our shirts like the older kids,but it was usually all in fun because the didn't understand. Where now days Its pure hate when seen with a juggalo shirt.

    The term "Juggalo" has been through the dirt and given such a bad name its sad. I don't call myself a juggalo. I did when I was in my teens,but I stopped because they are looked at now as such bad people.Criminals,White Trash,School drop outs,Dead beat dads. I have seen it all. I am far from any of those thats why I cannot be associated with that name.

    I love all types of music,im an average type guy with a great job(til i got laid off),i graduated high school,have a pretty hot girlfriend,got my own house,I have my own car.Im very far from white trash and I dont have a kid. I could talk about this all day. The juggalos of today are destroying the name, and to me giving one of my favorite groups ICP a bad name. They are shitting all over ICP.

    To me I want to call them the Hot Topic Juggalos. The ones that walk around the mall in their silly strap pants with chains hanging off them and their hand me down faded Hot Topic ICP shirt with the spiked necklace. Whenever I talk to friends that know nothing of ICP,thats all they know when I talk of them. Ill say something about ICP and they will laugh and say something like, Stop shopping at hot topic,do you wear strap pants? Or something along the lines of being white trash trailer kids. Its a shame. I could type forever. But I just wanted to get on here and praise you for this site. In my heart Im a huge fan, But its lame as shit I cant rock a ICP shirt in publice because people with think im pretty much a piece of shit that has become known as a juggalo.

    Thanks and Good Work,

  3. dude this is a great site...u should educate juggalos around the world....and if the haters dont like it...like i said before its all about love...i get pissed off when i hear people saying juggalos are trash and murders and all this other bullshit....they act like they know us are something...well if u dont like the love we got for our fam...ill put it simple for you...FUCK OFF!!! and for the real juggalos...MCL!!

  4. give me his email i'll have some words with him
    codywilmot40@yahoo.com this is bull shit they should not be like this he is just jealous and can not spell im close friends with Joe Bruce and he loves this site not all ICP lovers need to be Juggalos

  5. icp fo life bitches jugalo 4 life

  6. fuck the haters, they dont no real juggaloos or juggalettes if it bit them in the ass, wat the fuck is wit the street gramar, yea i talk a lil like that wit gramar but this guy that sent this email is fucked up forrealz, hes sum dumbass wannabe that can't talk correctly,teach every lette and loo cause even i stand for this site....im a lette myself and all i have to say to people like that, fuck you get a life and move on, and to all u juggaloos and lettes down wit the clown, MMFCL!!!!


  8. as an icp fan from the early 90s i commend you for this site. theirs no reason anyones life should revolve around any band/group to the point where their whole identity becomes that band or group. icps dope but what their fans dont realize is they get paid to do the shit they do. in other words get paid to do what you do.

  9. I sent you an email that would help support this site. check it, read it, and post it. thanks. It is about three supposed Juggalos that murdered both of, one of the kids grandparents with a knife and stomped on the grandfathers chest after pleading for help. The one with the triangles on his face( those are real tats) is the one that stomped the chest of the elderly grandfather. I ask you to please post the news article to show what the new generation juggalo is up to. crazy.

  10. Great blog. There are plenty of educated, successful people out there who enjoy ICP's music. To be labeled a white trash. "Juggalo" is a frustrating thing. I grew up on ICP and still but their new albums but I no longer wear their shirts or talk like I'm from some sort of ghetto. I grew up. I live in a real world where I'm not a victim of society or "held down" by the man. I'm responsible for my own actions and I don't need a cult backing me, I've done fine on my own. It's refreshing to see there are others on this blog who feel the same way.


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