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Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while. My mailbox for this site has been flooding with mail. I either get extreme hate mail, or mail from people who agree with me 100% (and a few letters that were neutral). Like I said to a few of you, I will post your letters soon (and my responses, of course). Now that the flow of letters has been slowing down, I have some time to bring average juggalo ignorance to light.

It seems that word has spread about this site. I see people posting statuses on their MySpace pages, I see forums discussing this site, and I think there may be a few sites linking to here. Of course, most of the younger "juggalos" say that this site is bullshit, and that I don't know what I'm talking about. Blah blah blah. But this is a status update from someone simply referred to as "Wicked clown", and I find it very intriguing.

"we didnt make tht shit up some guy made a webpage tlkin about tht shit and has a blog or somethin tht u have to pat 0.99! for i aint never read it or ne thing idk wht the fuck its about i just found out about it last night!honestly i think its fuckin retarted"

First off, I don't charge people to log on to this site; I think he might be referring to the hater who charges a dollar on YouTube so you can hear him bitch about ICP.

Second, he's never read this site, he doesn't know what it's about, but right away, he thinks it's retarded. Now that is a special kind of ignorance.

Soon I will be posting the email conversations I've been having with haters and supporters, and hopefully it will shed more light into what this site is about. There were people who got the concept right away. Then there were juggalo haters who were for the juggalo hate, but once I told them that we actually support the artists of Psychopathic Records, they would insinuate that we were faggots.

You should really keep an open mind when reading this blog, and remember that we're not pure juggalo haters. We're against the "juggalo" population who've turned the term derogatory. And not to the public, but to each other.


  1. hommie, you got your shit together! iv'e been a juggalo since the summer of 94, and i'll tell you, the very definition of juggalo has changed sicne i was a kid, and i understand where your coming from, i hope you can make this as public as possible, and i'll do what i can.

  2. I feel it case a lot of people who call them selfs Jugglos are fack and I've ony been down since 05 and I see a lot fam not knowing they shit like the joker cards or the other Psychopathic artist

  3. what does mmfwcl stand for?


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