Sunday, June 27, 2010

Juggalo Holocaust and The Juggalo Cult

For a while now, people have been talking about the “Juggalo Holocaust”. Juggalos have been describing it as an anti-juggalo movement that rapes, beats and kills juggalos on the street. Two out of five juggalos will claim that their friends and family have been beaten or raped because of the JH while others will attest that the JH is a hoax and doesn't really exist. I have news for both: the Juggalo Holocaust is real. It's just not what you think.

The Juggalo Holocaust is a group of internet trolls that dock at a site that claims to house the “Kings of the Internet”. They create multiple accounts on social networking sites like MySpace and vampirefreaks looking to start arguments and e-fights with juggalos. They do this by showing images and YouTube videos of JH propaganda (sometimes featuring Nazi symbols and the hatchetman), while claiming to be a movement with the sole purpose of killing off juggalos. Some will even claim to have personally killed a juggalo. But both of those points are false.

So why do this then? Why start this whole JH thing? Because they are trolls. They enjoy picking fights with people over the internet, it's fun for them. And the easiest people to pick fights with are juggalos because of their cult standings and attitudes. If you were a troll that hated juggalos and were looking for some fun, you'd do the exact same thing. All they have to do is post one comment on an ICP video saying ICP sucks, and fifty juggalos will reply back with, "SHUT YO FASE MUDDAFACKO!WIKKID KLOWNZ WIL NEVA DIE!MMFCLMF!STAB YO A$$ BITCH!"

So what about the killings, and the rapes? They never happened. If they did, where is the proof? Where are the obituaries? Where are the news stories? Juggalos are chronicled in the news whenever they rob or kill poor, defenseless people. They're even in the news whenever a school takes their Psychopathic paraphernalia away. If there were a string of murders that ended with victims being found to wear the same merchandise, it wouldn't have made headlines, but it would have been in the news.

But what about my friend or family member that was killed by the JH? If you're asking this, you're either lying, you are JH posing as a juggalo to troll a forum or you have a friend that was involved in other shit. People die all the time. Just because your friend or family member was mugged and killed on the street while wearing a hatchetman shirt doesn't mean it was JH related. It could have been a junkie looking to supply for his next fix and your friend put up a fight. It could have been a random killing. Your friend could have pissed off the wrong people, or owed some shady people money. To right away assume it was JH related shows extreme ignorance and proves that you're ready to believe anything. Add that with the fact that anonymous Internet trolls are more than willing to admit to anything, and now you believe some juggalo haters are out to kill you.

The Juggalo Holocaust is not some para-military power that is looking to eradicate all juggalos (despite the fact that I think most of the weak/fake ones need to be). It's just a group of people who love Internet drama that are looking to get their jollies off. Think about it: what ends would justify the means of creating a worldwide movement (off of the Internet) whose sole purpose was to rape juggalettes and murder juggalos? Juggalos don't run anything politically. Juggalos hold no seat of power anywhere. Juggalos aren't of a superior class that bends the will of whoever they so choose. There's no "juggalo segregation". Juggalos aren't even a race (as in bloodline) of people. Juggalos now-a-days are a cult revolving around the works of Psychopathic Records, nothing more.

If you still claim that the JH is really out to murder juggalos, or that the juggalo family isn't a cult and I don't know what I'm talking about, then think about what “juggaloism” is today. It's not the same as it was in 1998. Now, it's a group of (mostly white) people dressing the same, calling eachother a “family” despite not knowing 3/4th of the juggalo “nation”, claiming that they will be “down 'til they're dead in the ground” (in other words, “I'll follow you forever.”) and believing whatever their central figures (ICP) say as gospel. Add that with the fact that in public, at concerts and at the GOTJ, they paint their faces up and chant “Family!” as loud as they can whenever possible, appropriate or not. Tell me that doesn't sound like a cult, and I'll tell you that you've been drinking too much kool-aid. And that you need to do your research on what a cult really is (even then, you'd most likely still be in denial).

There are some theories as to what the JH really is, and who it was created by:
  1. The first is that the JH was created by original Juggalos (people like me) to scare off the fake and the weak juggalos that have been giving the whole community a bad name for the last decade. There was a forum post on some random board where this person claimed to be a member of the JH who said it was created specifically for this reason, saying that newer juggalos are sheep that needed to be scared off so that the strong can get back into the ranks. They also went on to say that they (the JH) want to be destroyed, so that after the “war”, only the strong juggalos will be left. Of course, ignorant juggalos weren't hearing it, so they weren't able to come up with a compelling argument (something forum trolls LOVE). When someone replied with “You don't understand us! We are all outcasts!”, the OP replied with, “It's juggalos like you that are turning what was wicked into a support group for misfit children.” While I can get behind this theory, it is not genuine and was just used as troll-bait.
  2. There is also a theory that Psychopathic Records is behind the whole thing, which if you think about it, makes a lot more sense.
In his book The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene discusses starting and maintaining a cult-like following (which could open you up to start a cult, a religion, or a group of white people who paint their faces up and throw root beer whenever possible). He says that every cult has two enemies: skepticism and boredom. If you start a cult, you need to have activities and beliefs that always keep people on their toes, or else they'll get bored. And if they get bored, it opens them up to take a step back, re-evaluate the entire situation and grow skeptical, thus losing another modern “juggalo”.

And just like any cult or religion, there needs to be an enemy. For years, it was the mainstream, rich people and rednecks. But now ICP, for the most part, is in the mainstream (Saturday Night Live is shown on regular TV every weekend) and they are now also among the rich (even if you denounce your rich status, you are still more well-off than your followers, which is really the true signature of every cult). Not to mention that today, most of the juggalo population are either rednecks/trailer trash or people dwelling in the suburbs (I don't know why seeing as thirteen years ago, they were talking about killing you and your family). Psychopathic Records' own Boondox is from Georgia, and when they signed him, they were quick to say that he was from the south. So now, the universal enemy has changed (and shows that ICP and Psychopathic Records truly has sold out).

The juggalos need an enemy. The Gathering of the Juggalos is one good activity to keep the masses at bay, but it only happens once a year (in the woods. Again, cult.) and they need an enemy that will always be around. It could start out to be just a slight rumor, but juggalos will believe it if they believe it's happening to them as we speak (the killings and whatnot), and it'll snowball into something "real". Call it the “Juggalo Holocaust”, pay some Internet trolls (I doubt you'd even need to) to spread the word and start rumors of juggalo deaths and rapes going on all over the country. That way it keeps juggalos on their toes, it escalates the overall camaraderie between them so that they feel like they'll always be there for eachother, and it always keeps Psychopathic Records in the mind of the consumer so they can buy more merchandise.

So, what's the best way to fight the JH?

Don't buy into their bullshit. If you see them on forums, don't respond to their posts. If they try to talk to you, don't reply. Don't give any response; that's what they want. If you keep feeding them ammo, they will continue to thrive. And if you try to argue or reason with them, then they have already won. Don't believe their bullshit. They're Internet trolls with meaningless lives, so don't give them the satisfaction they so desperately crave.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update: Buzz From All Around

Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while. My mailbox for this site has been flooding with mail. I either get extreme hate mail, or mail from people who agree with me 100% (and a few letters that were neutral). Like I said to a few of you, I will post your letters soon (and my responses, of course). Now that the flow of letters has been slowing down, I have some time to bring average juggalo ignorance to light.

It seems that word has spread about this site. I see people posting statuses on their MySpace pages, I see forums discussing this site, and I think there may be a few sites linking to here. Of course, most of the younger "juggalos" say that this site is bullshit, and that I don't know what I'm talking about. Blah blah blah. But this is a status update from someone simply referred to as "Wicked clown", and I find it very intriguing.

"we didnt make tht shit up some guy made a webpage tlkin about tht shit and has a blog or somethin tht u have to pat 0.99! for i aint never read it or ne thing idk wht the fuck its about i just found out about it last night!honestly i think its fuckin retarted"

First off, I don't charge people to log on to this site; I think he might be referring to the hater who charges a dollar on YouTube so you can hear him bitch about ICP.

Second, he's never read this site, he doesn't know what it's about, but right away, he thinks it's retarded. Now that is a special kind of ignorance.

Soon I will be posting the email conversations I've been having with haters and supporters, and hopefully it will shed more light into what this site is about. There were people who got the concept right away. Then there were juggalo haters who were for the juggalo hate, but once I told them that we actually support the artists of Psychopathic Records, they would insinuate that we were faggots.

You should really keep an open mind when reading this blog, and remember that we're not pure juggalo haters. We're against the "juggalo" population who've turned the term derogatory. And not to the public, but to each other.