ICP Fans Against Juggalos: NEW Commercial

Here's some shameless promotion for YouTube.

Or watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk6rbo8yGIc

Hopefully this will shed just a little more light on what this site is really all about while spreading the word.


  1. I am a strait up juggalo because i love the music, ICP is the one of the most deverse bands ive ever come across, I love a bunch of different types of music. The hatchet basically covers them all.

  2. Wow. It sucks that a Juggalo has lost his way, to the point of denouncing the Juggalo in himself, just because of a bunch of stupid kids. I understand your anger towards the posers, and the Juggalos who are just illiterate, and even the Juggalos who swing on nutsacks like jungle gyms. But. To retract yourself from the Juggalo community, to literally HATE on the Family? How will that help anyone? Why should you have to listen to ICP since Bass-Ment Cuts or some shit to be a "Real Juggalo"? Real Juggalo's accept people for who they are, and if they really ARE a Juggalo, I'm down with them. We call it family because we all look out for eachother. At least us who are true to what we believe in. I can't change your opinions, but I CAN apologize for the Lo's who have given some sort of bad impression, because I know, there are fake ass kids who go buy all the cd's with one paycheck, and then shit themselves when they meet J or Shaggs. Hell, I've beaten many punks asses and taken there chains and shit, because they didn't deserve them. It's not about being a fan of ICP anymore. It's about love for eachother. Just like with any other clique. Doesn't mean you still can't be a Juggalo. Please respond to this post as am interested in probing your mind about this subject.


  4. Well you make a good point to some degree; especially with these attention seeking, criminal fuckheads creating negative attention and giving juggalos a bad name.
    However, you have to keep in mind that kids will be kids. In that respect, Id assume if they are "true" then as they age they'd appreciate it in a more mature manner (assuming that they are putting on some "white trash wannabee fasad)"
    Oh, and I agree the whole juggaloism religious shit is taken kinda way too seriously..but that is just my opinion and everyone has the right to what they think. You didnt see hippies back in the day starting a religion called hippism lol. So yea I think its exploitation in that regard.
    Of course ICP wants to make the money. Maybe they are selfish to some extent..hell arnt we all at one time or another? you know what though? if they really valued money over what they are creating and what their audience perceives of them then why wouldnt they juz been mainstream artists to begin with?? Maybe Im nuts but it makes sense to me.
    Here's the thing though, I embrace every culture, every belief no matter how much I may disagree with it personally. Anybody that wants to hopp on the family lovin bandwagon is cool with me as long as he aint a child molestin monster, or some mindless biggot. I think I gotta good head on my shoulders to know who's worthy of my loyalty. Anyway, I thought that was basically what bein a down ass juggalo was bout..but to each his own I suppose.
    I think its absurd that there's a divide amongst the juggalos because they dont meet up to their "standards".
    I say let these kids learn as they grow and mature, if its just a passing fuckin "trend" for them then they'll leave it behind with age, if its NOT then chances are they will still appreciate and respect their juggalo fam but at the same time be level headed.
    I aint sayin there's anything wrong with a lil whoop whoop or callin someone a ninja now and then its juz all in good fun and in THAT respect perhaps its you that's taking it a little bit too seriously? Bottom line though, its actually harmless and not hurting a damn muthafuka out there..when you think about it???


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