Hater Cockiness

It's been a long time since anything has been written on this damn blog. I just had to post this up quickly as a way to ask, "...Really?"


This guy's obvious message is how juggalos are stupid rednecks. But it's not just posted up on YouTube like every other hater's video: this guy actually CHARGES a dollar for you to hear him bitch and moan about juggalos! Is that cockiness or what!?

That sad part is that there are probably juggalos out there who bought into this! As soon as they saw "$0.99", they were probably like, "Shit, I gotta hear what this guy has to say!" And that's fucking sad!

Now, I can't tell you what the guy says in the vid; I don't know, and I don't care. If you want to know so bad, pay the dollar to see it. However, if you do, it'll be an indication that you're a fucking retard.


  1. Fuck You RedNeck Biggit, Juggalos Are All About Honor.And Not Careing About What Others Think Of Him.
    We Will Never Die Alone. Juggalos Will Carry On. Swing Our Hachets If e Must. Each And EveryOne Of Us.

    Bitch We Dont Die!

    Whoop Whoop! Go To The Gatherin You Might Like It Bitch Boy!

  2. you motherfuckers are fuckin complete morons if you think juggalos are a bunch of rednecks. a REAL motherfucking juggalo or juggalette(like myself) can be explained to you in Juggalo Homies BY IC motherfuckin P you moron. oooo and i have a question for you? how the fuckin fuck do you like ICP but hate juggalos? ICP are JUGGALOS you fuckin' IDIOT!!!!!! you make me want to hit some innocent stupid person really hard because i cant reach you. you fucking moron.

  3. I wasn't the one calling juggalos rednecks.

    And no, a real juggalo can't be explained in Homies, because any juggalo who started listening to ICP when that song came out just doesn't get it. And never will.

    ICP can call themselves juggalos, and it means something.

  4. Dude, you weren't really a juggalo. being a juggalo is so much more than just liking ICP

  5. ok one of you guys please tell me what it means to YOU to be a juggalo.

  6. juggalettelady, if you read my articles, or find the juggalo social networking site I'm a member of (and have recently become admin of because the site owner agrees with my philosophy), you'd have my answer. I'm posting some of my convos with haters and supporters soon to further cement my stance.


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