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If you have ever been to Urban Dictionary to look up the term "juggalo", you would know that a majority of the "definitions" there are written by people who blindly hate juggalos. However, I came across a long entry written by someone who seems to hate the current generation of juggalos like we do here.

I stress again that this entry is pretty long, but I think that anyone who claims to be a juggalo now-a-days, claiming that the Dark Carnival "saved" their lives, should read this closely and take it to heart.

Let me start off by saying that I have been listening to ICP for many years, probably much longer that any other person on here. I picked up their "Beverly Kills" CD back sometime in late 1993, not having a clue as to who they are. Back then, "juggalos" didn't even really exist. I got into the whole Juggalo phase around 95, until about 99 or so, when they came out with "jeckel brothers". I bought a few t-shirts, lighters, hats, and other merchandise. I had all their CDs. I called myself a "juggalo". But then, guess what? I grew up!

Juggalos back then were different than the "juggalos" of today. Back then, we were just a bunch of people who liked ICP and got together at concerts for a good time. Now, it has transformed into this whole serious following. Kids are buying up the merchandise like candy, using the ICP lingo, and taking it completely seriously. The juggalo scene now is most closely comparable to the goth scene. They claim to be "non-conformist" and "different", yet they all dress the same, talk the same, and have lost all identity. Ask a Juggalo for a universally accepted definition of the word "juggalo". They can't give you one, just like goths. And they don't realize that psychopathic records has turned into a big money-making juggernaut. Just look at their website. T-shirts for 25-70 dollars, hockey jerseys, jackets, hats, thongs, etc. How many different "Riddlebox" designs can they come up with? They keep re-designing and pumping out the same shit. Its all about money now. The juggalos are making them into millionaires, and they are loving it!

And whats with that fucking 6th joker card? Announcing that they are a religious group? That was the lamest thing I have ever heard. And the juggalos of today, once again, blindly follow whatever ICP says. It has all just become so serious. Its just music, people! There is no need to get obsessed, and make your life revolve around psychopathic records. The honest truth is, they dont give a flying fuck about you. What they give a fuck about is one thing, and thats money. They are driven by profits. Nomatter what they tell you, no matter what they do, and nomatter what they would like to have you believe. If you don't believe me, ask yourself this: when is the last time they did anything for you for free (sampler CDs don't count)? Why do they charge such a ridiculous amount of money for merchandise? Because they know you will pay it, that's why. Why do they try to cram said merchandise down your throat? Because they know you will buy anything that says "ICP" on it, thats why.

Do I still listen to ICP? Absolutely. The Calm is a good CD. So is Hell's Pit. Do I wear ICP merchandise? Sometimes. Do I walk around, decked out in all psychopathic gear, calling people ninjas, and preach the ways of the dark carnival like a new-school juggalo faggot? NO! Get your head outta your asses.

Of course, this person was wrong about a couple things:
  • The Calm sucked.
  • Hell's Pit sucked.
And that's it. He's right about everything else.

The poster later made another entry about the Dark Carnival:

Well, in reality, the "Dark Carnival" can refer to several things (besides what you came here to read about, which I will get to). "Dark Carnival" is a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury, published in 1947. "Dark Carnival" is also a novel written by Keith Ferrario, a band headed by Niagara and Ron Asheton, a song by Vanessa Carlton from the 2003 video game Spy Hunter 2, a Deathlands novel, and finally, the setting of a concept album series by Insane Clown Posse.

So what is the Dark Carnival, as presented by ICP? A warped, nonsensical, sellout off-shoot of the Christian religion. Violent-J claims that he was "visited" by the Dark Carnival back in 1992, which in turn led to the 6 Joker Card albums. Each album would contain secret hints and "messages" from the Dark Carnival, with the 6th revealing the secret of what the Carnival really is. The joker's cards were littered with what seemed to be unique stories of people getting "judged" after death, with the "Dark Carnival" being something like a uniting force for Juggalos, or even a place you go when you die. Now being a complete atheist, I don't believe in any of that nonsense, but I thought it was cool and original.

Then, somewhere along the line, ICP "found Jesus", and became "Intimate Christ Posse". The clowns not only revealed that the "Dark Carnival" is a metaphor for "god" (most likely the Christian God), they went back and turned their lyrics inside out in a deceitful attempt to fool people into believing that this is what they were talking about all along! Anyone who actually believes this is a complete sheep. Just go back, listen to their old lyrics, and every time you hear them mention the words "Dark Carnival", substitute it with the word "god", and see if it still makes sense. I honestly believe that ICP, not actually knowing what the "Dark Carnival" should be, and with the 6th Joker's card fast approaching, had to figure out SOMETHING. Therefore, they did the most unoriginal, low-brow thing they could think of... they sold out to religion... Christianity to be exact.

If ICP did in fact know all along what the "Dark Carnival" was "god", and knowingly deceived their fans, then, by doing so, they mislead, cheated, and swindled thousands of them out of their money, who might not have been such huge fans to begin with if they hadn't been lied to. If ICP came up with the 'Dark Carnival = god' concept later on somewhere along the line, which is obviously the case, they not only cheated their fans out of their time and money, but they also sold them out. And then, to top it all off, they chant "we're not sorry that we tricked you" to their duped listeners at the end of the album. Great way to indoctrinate someone into your "religion". Too bad being duped into following something doesn't constitute true belief. Anyone who accepts this new "religion" known as "Juggalo" is a complete sheep, just like the followers of any other religion on planet earth. If you think about it, "Juggalo" is just as ridiculous as Christianity, Islam, and the ancient Greek gods. It seems ICP realized their huge mistake after album sales plummeted. Shangri-La is THE worst album by ICP ever made. Is it any wonder that the 6th joker's card was re-released and remixed by Mike Clark?

Again, he's not wrong. This guy has written more, and has more to say about juggalos/juggalettes. Check it out by clicking here. I don't agree with his atheism, but I do agree with everything else.


  1. Wow. It sucks that a Juggalo has lost his way, to the point of denouncing the Juggalo in himself, just because of a bunch of stupid kids. I understand your anger towards the posers, and the Juggalos who are just illiterate, and even the Juggalos who swing on nutsacks like jungle gyms. But. To retract yourself from the Juggalo community, to literally HATE on the Family? How will that help anyone? Why should you have to listen to ICP since Bass-Ment Cuts or some shit to be a "Real Juggalo"? Real Juggalo's accept people for who they are, and if they really ARE a Juggalo, I'm down with them. We call it family because we all look out for eachother. At least us who are true to what we believe in. I can't change your opinions, but I CAN apologize for the Lo's who have given some sort of bad impression, because I know, there are fake ass kids who go buy all the cd's with one paycheck, and then shit themselves when they meet J or Shaggs. Hell, I've beaten many punks asses and taken there chains and shit, because they didn't deserve them. It's not about being a fan of ICP anymore. It's about love for eachother. Just like with any other clique. Doesn't mean you still can't be a Juggalo. Please respond to this post as am interested in probing your mind about this subject.

  2. Short answer: I've been listening to ICP for a very long time, but I've never felt a kinship with someone just because they were a juggalo. Yeah, I've had juggalo friends. Hell, I have juggalo friends (most of which agree with the viewpoints I make on here), but they're not my friends because of that.

    If you really want to pick my brain, keep reading this blog. Or you can email me. I've been receiving mail, both hate and not, and I'll be posting some soon with my replies.

    This site isn't meant to hate on juggalos. It's meant to get the real juggalos to wake up and really see the kind of people who they call family. So really, this site is for people like you.

  3. Me personally agree with both of you and even the dude who keeps making the urban dictonary posts on alot of things, but my opinion is, yeah the newer generations of juggalos are immature kids just trying to show off, i mean i have "been down" for 11-12 years, and i know its not 15 years or anything like that but it's been long enough to see the transformation of what a "juggalo" has become, i mean i cant stand it, but when i started out it was great there was no non-sense, no drama, just a bunch of people gathered for the music an to hang out but now everyone seems to be making it like its a gang, but enough of the ranting on and on, im not here to change anyones opinions or insight on the subject im just throwing in my opinion, personally i love the concept of the fam and juggalo, and i think that it can be changed if some old school ninjas took the time to show the new generations what it truly means, which im doing my part with my website, but like i said im not trying to change your opinions but i respect what your doing here.. this site really is a eye opener

  4. Though I'm well aware I'm rather late on commenting here, I personally want to tip my hat to you. You've put in words the exact way I feel towards it all anymore.

    Now if only all the idiots had the mental capacity to browse the web and stumble across this.

  5. I've been down for about one year, but I love the fam. It's not my whole life but It's something important to me... I am the new breed of a Juggalo I'm only 16, and haven't been down for even a fraction of the time anyone on here has, but I'd do anything for the family. And thats what I get from being a Juggalo, A group that believe in equality and accept anyone, and then have there back no matter what, sometimes even more so than one's own blood does. It not about buying merch or talking slang, thats not the new generation of juggalos It's the new generation. You guys are so old you may not like change, but at least accept it. This may be called ICP fans against juggalos, but what I see is a bunch of ex-juggalos who can't keep up. It's our time now, I Don't care about any of you jerkoffs I care about juggalo family, and obviously none of you are fam. You mainstream bitches disgust me, so go blog about your worthless opinion because if your saying this shit about juggalos, then you aren't and have never been a Juggalo, no matter how long you've listened to Psychopathic. MCL posers...

  6. ^ the person above be its kids like you that make me dislike new school juggalos obviously you were impatient n didn't take time to read the whole page and comments

  7. Being honest icp are just a terrible rap group. fact.

  8. ICP are just terrible, why not listen to real music?

  9. You are all benders because you like ICP

  10. Frankly I'm terrified by the fact the kids are buying into this. I'm not scared of the kids themselves because let's face it ICP fans are not exactly what you would call intimidating, but I am weary of any new "religion". I was unaware of ICP's transition to Christian cultists. The Urban Dictionary post denied this on the basis that Psychopathic Records is simply using this as a marketing campaign, but all religions have their way of cashing in on their followers' faith. I have never even heard an ICP song (except for Miracles which is hilarious) so my view is of an outsider however I grew up in the punk rock scene where many of my views and beliefs were formed. I know what it's like to find a place where you feel like you belong. This Dark Carnival sounds like a different beast entirely. Telling kids that they were lost before they joined then feeding them a strange narrative from a supposed prophet and giving them a uniform is dangerous. I used to look at "juggalos" as silly now I truly pity them.

  11. I was referring to the entry "dark carnival" (not capitalized)by Apolion From Up Above on UD in my above post, when I said "The Urban Dictionary post denied this..." Just wanted to clarify. I also reading that entry because that's what I found to be so disconcerting and lead me to comment.

  12. I am a oldschool juggalo and the new gens make me shake my head in shame because for them and i see this all the time it is a fad. But for people like me and other oldschools its a lifestyle. For many reasons i dont even give most newschools a whoop whoop because they dont know shit about the dark carnival era. But to all the dark carnival clowns whoop whoop and much clown love.


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