What Is A Juggalo?

The Insane Clown Posse, and every group affiliated with their label Psychopathic Records, have a cult-like following of fans, like any independent group that's been around for almost 20 years. The modern base of their cult-like fan base is full of suburban wannabe gangbanger-types who claim to run with a hatchet when in reality, it's doubtful that any of them have been in a confrontation that didn't end in a slap fight. They are called “juggalos”, and they are an embarrassment.

Back in the mid-90's, the term was pretty generic. Juggalos were a group of people that liked getting hammered/getting high, painting their faces up, going to an ICP show and getting showered with Faygo Root Beer while acting like rabid animals. You know; not embarrassed to act a fool for the weekend. We all have done it, no big deal. Beyond that, they just liked listening to ICP's music. They didn't feel any kind of spiritual awakening, feeling like they were part of an elite society brought together by one band. If anything, they just enjoyed the music, and thought it was hilarious.

Nowadays, the definition of a juggalo is pretty specific. Juggalos are a multi-ethnic group of males and females, typically 13-24 years old, who live in suburban communities. During their spare time, they like to run around painted up as clowns and take pictures of themselves, thinking that it makes them look either menacing or sexy, when it does neither. Some even like to harass their neighbors, either feeling like they have a point to prove, or just because they're huge d-bags. Their love for the Insane Clown Posse knows no bounds, as any mention of the band's name will cause them to go ape shit and wet themselves. They universally act tough, but if you even utter the name Violent J, even the “toughest” juggalo will start acting like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. They pile in armies outside of concerts and in-store appearances to get an autograph, or to at least get a small glimpse of ICP. And if they don't get one, they will cry, bitch and moan (and seeing a juggalo act like a bitch is not exactly like finding Bigfoot. In fact, it's more like finding energy drinks at a 7-11).

Believe it or not, there are ICP fans who don't act like this. There are ICP fans who have shreds of dignity. Who don't scream about “juggalo family”, or act like morons anytime someone says, “ICP sucks.” Who have been listening to ICP since Riddlebox or earlier, and who remember when Mancow was riding ICP's dick like a desperate whore. Those fans refuse to be called juggalos, whether or not they considered themselves that in the past.

This blog is dedicated to them. Dedicated to the fans who don't feel a need to label themselves what has become a derogatory word. This is even dedicated to new fans who don't pretend to be elite, or claim to have been listening to ICP for years.

And if you read through this entry, you claim to be a juggalo, but insist that you have dignity and self-respect, all I have to say to you is this: very soon, you'll grow to look down on the “J” word just as much as we did.


  1. you sir are an embarrassment to your self fuck off and die

  2. i dont thing ur an embarrasament cuz its true most so called juggalos r liars ppl who live in the suburbs trying to look kool for other ppl i only concider myself a juggalo cuz ima fan of the music its entertaining cuz there entertainers no more no less

  3. Wow, anonymous #1 Feb.3, 2011. You’re such a big talker; why not sign your big Billy bad ass name! This article is well written and you just proved his point he was trying to make. You’re a jackass! Your juvenile punkass attitude is not what this world needs. Yo momma must be proud.
    Anonymous #2: GREAT point, THANK YOU for your honest opinion and feedback on the article.
    It only takes one spoiled apple to make the rest look or go bad.
    Just so ya know A#1. I am the mother of a wonderful young man. But for the last 4 years his head had been all screwed up with the so called "juggalo's"(not even a word) bullshit. We FINALLY have gotten his head screwed on straight. These so called jug-heads motto is WE DON'T CARE!!!!! And boy isn’t that the truth. They used the hell out of my son, and didn't give a shit they were destroying his life and future. What a bunch of backstabbing, selfish, lying, thieving drunks and drug addicts. His self worth and opinion of himself was destroyed by you clowns. He is in college now and excited about life and his future.
    (Sorry you clowns lost one of your own.lol. But hey, (YOU DON'T CARE) every waking hour of his life now isn't about getting fucked up all the time and whose head "he and his posse were going to bash in" My God-my son was not raised like that!
    I will state this though, what started out as a good idea (the juggalo's)(still not a word) "helping and supporting one another because their home life wasn't good" has turned into a JOKE. Nowadays it’s an excuse to be disrespectful, abuse-full, destructive and totally out of control, along with alcohol abuse and illegal drug use. I know you have an excuse YOUR A JUGGALO OR JUGGALET poor you- blah blah blah blah blah. ANYONE that has been abused does their BEST to never abuse another human or animal.
    Carrie Idaho

    1. What you didn't care to read apparently was that some of us do have dignity and aren't animals. I go to college. I have a real job that's not minimum wage. I have a real life. All this while being a Juggalo. So instead of being a biggot and complaining about a group as a whole why don't you blame those specific ones he was running with. I swear...

  4. Couldn't agree more. The Jugglao term was cool to use till around 2000, after that I no longer wanted to be associated with those people. Plus as ICP began to suck, the "juggalos" have become more retarded.


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