"Sick of Calling Myself a Juggalo"

More juggalo gang shit.

I recently came across a post on this blog from Oklahoma, from an "anonymous poster":

Im almost sick of calling myself a juggalo because of people being crazy and stupid my homie was killed by a juggalo because he thought he was a blood because he had all red on and he didn't see juggalo in white on his shirt. he thought he was part of a gang. being a juggalo isn't what it used to be people don't know what it means to be a juggalo anymore.
[Taken From Westside Neighborhood Watch]

The blog also mentions that if you were to take a juggalo from 1995, and compare them to a juggalo today, you'd get two completely different people. Truer words were never spoken.

Oh, and if you read the comments, it's full of juggalo gibberish. Especially from a 17 year old named Brooke who seems to have a broken Caps Lock button.


  1. Fuck You RedNeck Biggit, Juggalos Are All About Honor.And Not Careing About What Others Think Of Him.
    We Will Never Die Alone. Juggalos Will Carry On. Swing Our Hachets If e Must. Each And EveryOne Of Us.

    Bitch We Dont Die!

    Whoop Whoop! Go To The Gatherin You Might Like It Bitch Boy!

  2. Hello all I myself find it extremely tedious to be a juggalo in this day and age well in actuallity I am a FORMER juggalo I am sick and tired of being labeled a gang member and sick of all these so called juggalos ruining every other juggalos reputation with their constant idiocy and love of all things profane when did being a juggalo stop being about a genuine love of music and love for your fellow man and when did it mean that you have to commit violence against others to me the core prinipal of a juggalo is to love one another and to love mankind which is why I feel that being a juggalo is just not worth its weight in gold when everyone realizes that the core principals are missing then hopefully and I do hope that people will return to the core principals and sit at the table of brotherhood with their fellow man until that day I will continue to pray and hope that my message will be heard.


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