How Easy Is It To Become A Juggalo?; Juggalo Segregation

I was reading some random blog the other day. I was at an entry where a guy said he was going to become a juggalo in order to “infiltrate” their “organization”, so he could see what makes them tick. Soon, this incredibly furious juggalo leaves a comment, claiming that someone cannot just become a juggalo. They have to be born a juggalo, because after all, they are “family”. He then said juggalos pretty much gravitate to eachother because they don't fit in anywhere else, and that juggalos are segregated in everyday life.

I won't bother quoting anything because I lost the blog, and even if I didn't, it's just a big jumble of angry words that makes your eyes feel as though they are being raped.

The Truth
  • Anybody can become a juggalo now-a-days. One way to become a modern juggalo is by slapping on an ICP shirt and randomly rapping Chicken Huntin' in front of other juggalos (they will then join in and shout the lyrics with you). Another way is by having an elitist attitude towards other juggalos, acting like you've been down since '96 when in reality, you didn't know what an ICP was back then, and you made fun of anyone who liked them as soon as you discovered they existed. There are millions of other ways. Those two are just the most frequent that I've seen (the last "juggalo" poser I saw used the last example, and two months earlier, he was wondering why anyone would listen to ICP while calling juggalos "faggots"; realistically, he's only been a "juggalo" for a year or so).
  • Juggalos are a clique, and members of a clique usually don't fit in anywhere outside of their own clique. It's nothing new. In fact, I believe they call this "common sense". Juggalos over dramatize this too much, which is one out of many reasons why people in other cliques hate them.
  • Juggalos are not "segregated". If juggalos were being segregated, most of them would be dead by now. Or you wouldn't be seeing any of them, because there would be some kind of ordinance mandating that they don't wear ICP/Psychopathic merchandise. Not only that, but Faygo would go out of business, seeing as how the drink has started to attract juggalos. If there was any kind of segregation, the Faygo factory would be burnt to the ground, right after they burn down the office of Psychopathic Records.
Originally, being a juggalo never meant anything more than just being an ICP fan (and yes, ICP fans paint their faces up when they go to ICP concerts; there's nothing wrong with acting a fool for the weekend). The sooner all of these "neo" juggalos learn this, the better. It's nice to feel like you belong to a group, but don't over dramatize it and act like it's you all against the world. Because it's not.

Oh, and stay in school. You idiots with poor grammar and horrible typing habits make smart "juggalos", who don't realize they hate you yet, look stupid.


  1. Fuck You RedNeck Biggit, Juggalos Are All About Honor.And Not Careing About What Others Think Of Him.
    We Will Never Die Alone. Juggalos Will Carry On. Swing Our Hachets If e Must. Each And EveryOne Of Us.

    Bitch We Dont Die!

    Whoop Whoop! Go To The Gatherin You Might Like It Bitch Boy!

    1. He is right and so are you but juggalos are family so just be kind to family

  2. listen hear man u need to watch how u disrespect the juggalo family man u need to wake up & realize y we become juggalos & jugglets its because we dont fit in anywhere or had a hard life growing up man ull need 2 try walking in our shoes. swing our hatchets if we must each & every1 of us

  3. ive been down with the clown for many many years now, and that will never change i am down for life. whoop whoop mfcl

  4. fuck u fuckin haters just cause u aint a true juggalo dont mean u gotta diss on them wait until u see a juggalo in person, bet u wont say nothing to them. you are just a poser bitch if you call yourself a juggalo just because u wear a shirt. real juggalos can tell if you are fake. stay down for life homies whoop whoop mmfcl

  5. fuck u bitch ive made mant a sacrifces to call my self a dad gave up custody when i was 14 cuz of my music a counciler gave up on me and my asshole of a dad!!!!!he fuckin gace up on us never heard of that have u so u can eat a dick pluck ur fuckin eye balls out with a pencil and hang ur self with ur own shoe strings mutha fucker....and if u wanna actually talk this out call me bitch and maybe ull fukin understand what bein a juggalo is all about my number is .......1-800-suck-a-fuckin-dick-u-fukin-hater

    and all the juggalos that read this whoop whoop throw ur fuckin d.l.s high and rep the fuckin hatchet m.m.f.w.c.l. (cj) exodus tyha problem child haters eat dicks

    1. i completely disagree with what you just said i fit in and im a juggalo i just like it...i enjoy being a juggalo

  6. ur a fuckin idiot were's the juggalo love man, woop woop

  7. look i dont give 2 shits and a fuck how long you have been a juggalo or if ur not one anymore FUCK OFF!!!!!STOP TALKIN SHIT JUST CUZ YOU DONT SEE THINGS THE WAY WE DO ANYMORE.its ppl like you y i am a juggalo cuz everybody hates us. you dont believe fine thats your fucking problem. but i say your the retard for even posting your shit talking on this stupid website in the first place so just made yourself look like a stupid ass dumb fucking idiot who has nothing better to do with his life than talk shit about the second family he forgot about. with that said ill leave you with a FUCK YOU!!!!!!and have a shitty day you stupid fuck!!

  8. I say what he is said FUCK OFF!!!!!!

  9. Look at them prove your point.

  10. Everyone in this world is so quick to judge... the close minded percentage of the population hears the "cuss words" in Icp's music and automatically labels them "satanic" or "trash"... but Icp's music is laden with messages you bitches never stop to hear... the "bad language" just weeds out the listeners that could never be juggalos anyways... Juggalos are opposed to bigotry and domestic violence... we see the world from a much different angle... and we have the ability to look past petty stereo-types and prejudices... juggalos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and races... and still we are not like you... we look different, we talk different, and we act different... we have no need to impress... You put on your fake smile and your fancy suit... you go to work and lick your boss' ass crack... and make small talk with your "friends" and talk shit about them in the same breath... and you go home to your wife and kids and you kiss them with the lips you been sucking on your assistant's tits with... and you continue to live in your utterly corrupted fake world... Juggalos live in the real world... we say what we mean and we mean what we say... we don't front for anyone... and you will never change us... But of course... to fully understand what a juggalo is... you must truly be one... I'll be a juggalette 'til my very last breath. .
    so fuck off and dont disprespect the family

  11. I still think juggalos have the right to do whatever the fuck they want.......

  12. iwannabeajuggaloJune 11, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    Nobodys an actual juggalo unlles they are one bitch ass motherfucker

  13. hahahahaha
    all this ranting is comical!
    I've been a juggalo since the first time I heard my mom play Dead Body Man when I was like 9!
    NO ONE KNEW WHAT THE FUCK A JUGGALO WAS BACK THEN! The kids in school soon found out about ICP and all that after they started wresting on WWF(before WWE) and those kids we're the ones that fucked with me! Many years later I had encountered the same kids and every single one of them was hatchet gear from head to toe and wanted to be down with me. Lesson of this story, we all know whats "real" and whats not. If you plain and simply like ICP or anything psychopathic you are a juggalo. That doesn't mean you have to get along with everyone in the crowd. Lets keep it real! Juggalos are fans and fans are people! Anything else is nothing more than what you perceive it to be.

  14. ayee i wanna be a juggalo can u help?? i love icp but isnt there more to it then just music??

  15. listen, there is more but if you want to be a juggalo/juggalette there are specific steps you must pass. the steps i cannot tell you, you'll have to wait a while for some one to turn you into one. i have been a juggalo for 4 years. and you have to get some items so others know what you are.

  16. Well, at first glance with the juggalos are a cult thing, i was pretty pissed. But after reading your blog, i see that you make alot of sense. I disagree with your blog name, however you do speak alot of truth. I first heard about icp when they were in the WWF. I thought they were just wrestlers. Then i actually heard their music in 1999 by way of Jeckel Brothers. I liked it, so i grabbed whatever tapes i could find. I lived in the bible belt and that just wasn't allowed down there. I started noticing they were leaving messages, not so hidden if i say so myself, that i could relate to. I grew up poor. As a matter of fact, according to the national average, i am still below the poverty line. I buy hatchet gear to show my support for the music i love. I've even had to defend myself for not liking MANY "Juggalos" because they tarnished what i had come to love and respect. If anyone here is still thinkin this guy is just hating on juggalos, read it again. And again. And again. Until it soaks in, that he, as well as myself, is fed up with what actual posers are doing to our "Family". I respect you alot for not being afraid to tell the truth as you see it.

    I dont have a goofy nickname
    but i DO have a name
    signed, Michael Cowett

  17. man we do what we want when we want and we dont give a fuck what people think to me thats true fam i have benn a lette ever since i heard and saw my cousins jammin to it everyday after school i have been down and will forever be down i dont give a fuck what nobody thinks so fuck u and have a wicked day

  18. ParadoX Here to run your shit bitch.
    You proboblylived your whole life filthy rich.
    Stop talkin shit.
    Juggalos will never quit.
    Got problems of your own.
    CuZ im creepin in your home.
    Better leave the fam alone.
    Or ill have to fly you dome.


  19. Wow damn guys I just became a juggalo for a couple months and damn part of wht he said is true I know a bunch of people that act all tough and really are posers and the juggalo lifestyle says don't matter if ur rich or poor if ur a juggalo ur family so wht the fuck if he was rich and don't talk shit over the internet about shooting someone u fucking idiot

  20. i have a question.... don't get mad or anything.. i honestly don't know... so im asking.. what does (m.m.f.w.c.l) stand for?

  21. Pfft! Alll ya'll is a bunch of posser bitches!, you wanna talk about been a legit juggalo, buddy right fucking here homies, iv been through the worse from having no parents!, to living on the streets, I maybe still young but I grew up with icp in my life, knew them when they were in wwe. Even when they started music, imma true blooded juggalo!

    I will die for the hatchet, only to return to the dark carniville,
    So fuck all you punk ass pussy bitches who wanna dis juggalos, exspecialy the new ones, you aint shit. Jus a pussy who listens to icp. You won't do shit if I walked up to you

  22. Old ass juggalo here anybody here who likes the music the culture or the gear is a juggalo you don't have to be from a certain place or make a certain amount of loot fact is juggalos are supposed to be accepting of all that's what it should always be about I've been down since 96 (and unlike many who say that I actually have) I'm 30 years old 8 have a wife kids work a job daily does that make me not a juggalo maybe to some of the new agers it does but I know ill always rep the hatchet have since before the joes even landed a gold record I love family of all ages until they give me a reason not to just like any human on this planet PLEASE BE BETTER TO EACH OTHER I HATE SEEING FAMILY SHIT ON EACH OTHER there's no need to hat call people juggahos or posers we all share a love for the hatchet and we all share this world till the wraith takes us to eternity....oh and anonymous homie two posts above me I'm an old man but I have to assume (m.m.f.w.c.l) would have to be much motha fuckin wicked clown love peace y'all. SKREW32



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