Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Easy Is It To Become A Juggalo?; Juggalo Segregation

I was reading some random blog the other day. I was at an entry where a guy said he was going to become a juggalo in order to “infiltrate” their “organization”, so he could see what makes them tick. Soon, this incredibly furious juggalo leaves a comment, claiming that someone cannot just become a juggalo. They have to be born a juggalo, because after all, they are “family”. He then said juggalos pretty much gravitate to eachother because they don't fit in anywhere else, and that juggalos are segregated in everyday life.

I won't bother quoting anything because I lost the blog, and even if I didn't, it's just a big jumble of angry words that makes your eyes feel as though they are being raped.

The Truth
  • Anybody can become a juggalo now-a-days. One way to become a modern juggalo is by slapping on an ICP shirt and randomly rapping Chicken Huntin' in front of other juggalos (they will then join in and shout the lyrics with you). Another way is by having an elitist attitude towards other juggalos, acting like you've been down since '96 when in reality, you didn't know what an ICP was back then, and you made fun of anyone who liked them as soon as you discovered they existed. There are millions of other ways. Those two are just the most frequent that I've seen (the last "juggalo" poser I saw used the last example, and two months earlier, he was wondering why anyone would listen to ICP while calling juggalos "faggots"; realistically, he's only been a "juggalo" for a year or so).
  • Juggalos are a clique, and members of a clique usually don't fit in anywhere outside of their own clique. It's nothing new. In fact, I believe they call this "common sense". Juggalos over dramatize this too much, which is one out of many reasons why people in other cliques hate them.
  • Juggalos are not "segregated". If juggalos were being segregated, most of them would be dead by now. Or you wouldn't be seeing any of them, because there would be some kind of ordinance mandating that they don't wear ICP/Psychopathic merchandise. Not only that, but Faygo would go out of business, seeing as how the drink has started to attract juggalos. If there was any kind of segregation, the Faygo factory would be burnt to the ground, right after they burn down the office of Psychopathic Records.
Originally, being a juggalo never meant anything more than just being an ICP fan (and yes, ICP fans paint their faces up when they go to ICP concerts; there's nothing wrong with acting a fool for the weekend). The sooner all of these "neo" juggalos learn this, the better. It's nice to feel like you belong to a group, but don't over dramatize it and act like it's you all against the world. Because it's not.

Oh, and stay in school. You idiots with poor grammar and horrible typing habits make smart "juggalos", who don't realize they hate you yet, look stupid.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Sick of Calling Myself a Juggalo"

More juggalo gang shit.

I recently came across a post on this blog from Oklahoma, from an "anonymous poster":

Im almost sick of calling myself a juggalo because of people being crazy and stupid my homie was killed by a juggalo because he thought he was a blood because he had all red on and he didn't see juggalo in white on his shirt. he thought he was part of a gang. being a juggalo isn't what it used to be people don't know what it means to be a juggalo anymore.
[Taken From Westside Neighborhood Watch]

The blog also mentions that if you were to take a juggalo from 1995, and compare them to a juggalo today, you'd get two completely different people. Truer words were never spoken.

Oh, and if you read the comments, it's full of juggalo gibberish. Especially from a 17 year old named Brooke who seems to have a broken Caps Lock button.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Juggalos Considered "Gang" In Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah

I found something on the Internet that is downright sad.

It seems that a few states in the union consider juggalos to be "gang members".

The article about it is here:

"Last Monday, Anthony Locascio, 21, was lured to the woods by four acquaintances and struck with metal baseball bats 60 to 80 times, allegedly for ratting on a friend. Jeffrey A. Gombert, 19 and Curtis T. Foose, 25 of Hazleton; Andrew A. Tutko, 19 of McAdoo and Shane D. Roof, 20, formerly of Palmerton, were all charged with homicide, conspiracy, and aggravated assault. Locascio, Gombert and Foose refer to Insane Clown Posse on their MySpace pages, while the paper cites a source close to the investigation as saying that all five involved were Juggalos.

Monroe County detective Emmanuel Varkanis has been tracking Juggalos for about two years now. He and other authorities say they've identified 1,000 Insane Clown Posse fans in the county. He says they are mostly white, range in age from 10 to 35, and speak their own language. Earlier this year, two ICP fans from Monroe allegedly lured Stroudsburg man Michael S. Goucher, 21, into the woods where they stabbed him 45-50 times with knives and metal cleavers. Both men arrested in the murder, Ian Seagraves, 17 and Sean Freemore, 18, were Insane Clown Posse fans, and Seagraves has a tattoo of the band's mascot."

First off, go to any ICP concert, or if you're less sociable, go to any juggalo's Myspace or Facebook page. Would you consider a majority of them gang member types? I think not.

Secondly, they speak their own language? I believe the language they speak is one that has been around for many years: idiotic gibberish. The language is spoken by juggalos, people with down syndrome, and members of the Republican party.

Also, detectives are wasting their time "tracking" juggalos? Juggalos aren't a group of people that deserve the privilege of the public's fear. Just because a few people who happen to listen to ICP go off and kill someone doesn't mean that juggalos should be feared. Or considered a "gang". Those detectives need to focus on something more important, like cracking down on little kids that steal candy from gas stations.

I think actual gangs would find it insulting to be compared to juggalos. Look at this video for instance:

All tough talk, and no follow through. If gang members are in an argument, wouldn't they land at least ten punches? The video is called "Juggalos Own Hater". Oh, how you can smell the denial.

Of course, stories like this add onto ICP's overall marketability (controversy creates cash, after all), so in the end, it's a win for them.

But it makes Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah look completely retarded.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Is A Juggalo?

The Insane Clown Posse, and every group affiliated with their label Psychopathic Records, have a cult-like following of fans, like any independent group that's been around for almost 20 years. The modern base of their cult-like fan base is full of suburban wannabe gangbanger-types who claim to run with a hatchet when in reality, it's doubtful that any of them have been in a confrontation that didn't end in a slap fight. They are called “juggalos”, and they are an embarrassment.

Back in the mid-90's, the term was pretty generic. Juggalos were a group of people that liked getting hammered/getting high, painting their faces up, going to an ICP show and getting showered with Faygo Root Beer while acting like rabid animals. You know; not embarrassed to act a fool for the weekend. We all have done it, no big deal. Beyond that, they just liked listening to ICP's music. They didn't feel any kind of spiritual awakening, feeling like they were part of an elite society brought together by one band. If anything, they just enjoyed the music, and thought it was hilarious.

Nowadays, the definition of a juggalo is pretty specific. Juggalos are a multi-ethnic group of males and females, typically 13-24 years old, who live in suburban communities. During their spare time, they like to run around painted up as clowns and take pictures of themselves, thinking that it makes them look either menacing or sexy, when it does neither. Some even like to harass their neighbors, either feeling like they have a point to prove, or just because they're huge d-bags. Their love for the Insane Clown Posse knows no bounds, as any mention of the band's name will cause them to go ape shit and wet themselves. They universally act tough, but if you even utter the name Violent J, even the “toughest” juggalo will start acting like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. They pile in armies outside of concerts and in-store appearances to get an autograph, or to at least get a small glimpse of ICP. And if they don't get one, they will cry, bitch and moan (and seeing a juggalo act like a bitch is not exactly like finding Bigfoot. In fact, it's more like finding energy drinks at a 7-11).

Believe it or not, there are ICP fans who don't act like this. There are ICP fans who have shreds of dignity. Who don't scream about “juggalo family”, or act like morons anytime someone says, “ICP sucks.” Who have been listening to ICP since Riddlebox or earlier, and who remember when Mancow was riding ICP's dick like a desperate whore. Those fans refuse to be called juggalos, whether or not they considered themselves that in the past.

This blog is dedicated to them. Dedicated to the fans who don't feel a need to label themselves what has become a derogatory word. This is even dedicated to new fans who don't pretend to be elite, or claim to have been listening to ICP for years.

And if you read through this entry, you claim to be a juggalo, but insist that you have dignity and self-respect, all I have to say to you is this: very soon, you'll grow to look down on the “J” word just as much as we did.