The Everlasting Overwhelming Response: What Do YOU Think Needs To Be Said?

Man, oh man. This blog has only two posts from this year, but you guys (especially the people who happen to stumble upon this site) have been more vocal than ever. The inbox has been filled to the virtual brim with hate and acclaim mail alike, proving there's a huge rift within the juggalo community that definitely needs to be acknowledged publicly.

The Juggalo Cult, Part 2

If you know juggalos today, you'll know that when you state the fact that "juggaloism" is a cult, any juggalo in the vicinity will, ignorantly or not, deny it completely. In my last article on the subject, I did just that. I stated that "juggalos", as we know them today, are a cult, and it's needless to tell you what kind of response I got. After reasserting my own juggalo status, I've been getting asked, "Do you still believe that there is a juggalo cult?"

Brand New Year, Same Ol' Shit

Before I start, I just want to say I hope 2011 is treating all of you well so far. The hangovers should be healed by now. It’s a new year, so that includes new topics.

Acclaim Mail: The "New Wave" of Juggalos

Since the New Year is fast approaching, I figure that it's time to switch it up, and post a letter that isn't hate mail.

The reason I don't post a lot of these types of letters is because they're either very short, or they're the same. However, I have received "acclaim mail" that is neither of these, and I will start posting them soon.

This letter was sent to us by Mike, a reader who frequents this blog (and who follows the Facebook page).

I agree with you. ICP fans take this shit too literally. but you got it backwards. im a juggalo. let me just put it this way-

it was the gathering of the juggalos, violent j and shaggy dropping some knowledge about the 6th jokers card. which ends up on the wraith sampler. He talks about the beginning, carnival of carnage. and the struggles of doing what they did. during his speech building up to the unveiling of the wraith, he says that theres a new wave of juggalos and we who have been down for years should accept them…

Hate Mail: "YOU ARE CAST OUT!"

I was sent an email today that, I can't even explain. It has to be one of the silliest emails I've received, and one that I first took as a joke. Which is pretty impressive, considering its size.

I speak for for all juggalos all over america and all the world wide that you are cast out of the juggalo family! Just cuz you went to some fuckin concert you think you a juggalo!?! Bitch you dont know us! You dont now bout us! You dont know bout swiggin hatchets! You dont know bout being dissed on and beat down! You dont know bout bein poor! Coverin bitchs in faygo everywhere you go! All uggalos are outcasts and all outcasts are juggalos and ur a fuckin pop culture pussy bitch! Dont say you like ICP wen you dont even like there fans. Juggalos like me we couldnt give a fuck! Post this shit on ur failblog so I can tell real fam not to do shit for your bitch ass! Dont do shit for this mothfucker he's a JUGGAHO!

Obviously, this is in response to my last post, where I reaffirm that I …

Happy Halloween

First off, I want to wish all of you a Happy Halloween.

Tonight is Hallowicked in Detroit; the last Hallowicked show of the year. I was at one of the Hallowicked's earlier this week. Now, if you're sitting there asking, "Why the hell were you at an ICP show? I thought you hated juggalos," then get out.

Recently, I have to admit that I've been a bit conflicted. About this blog, about juggalos, and about myself in relation to the first two. I've had discussions with some juggalos (on here and online) about this blog (haters were outright ignored, as usual). Some could see the point, but still thought it was a bad approach to dealing with the "problem". They'd say it just brought more negativity. While I feel that negativity is the best approach to dealing with something that's pretty negative on the surface (if you say it's not, then you're lying to yourself; embrace it and move on), some of the talking points started to make m…